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The good and the bad

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What a weird week this has been!

The good: The team that I work with sent care packages to 70 soldiers in Iraq for Christmas. I dug deep in my pockets and probably contributed close to $500 for these packages - told my friends and family that I was buying presents for the troops this year rather than the people that I knew. It just felt right to do so this year. We were asked to write letters to the troops, and not really knowing what to say, I made the offer to send their dog or cat back home a toy for Christmas - something to keep them occupied while they were away. I received an e-mail the other night from a young man in Indiana who had a sweet 10 month old cat by the name of Angel (he even sent me a picture of her). So I wrapped up a half dozen toys, wrote out a card to Angel from her Daddy, and got that shipped out. I was so happy to hear from him and had a really fun time picking out toys, wrapping them and sending them off. I don't care if I get a request from all 70 soldiers - it is worth it in my eyes! It really struck me that he had a picture of his kitten with him in Iraq - how cool is that?

The bad: My husband hit a deer on the way to work yesterday. The deer was killed, the car had pretty bad damage (hopefully only body work and not mechanical) and luckily Steve was not hurt. On the way out the door with the camera to get pictures of the damage, our dog Spike bolted out the door and Steve bent down to grab his collar, dropping the camera in the process. Our very expensive digital camera is now broken and I'm not sure it is repairable. We had an $1100+ morning yesterday. On top of it, it is FRIGID here and won't warm up until Saturday - worried about my ferals even though I know I have good shelter spots for them.

So odd week all around. I hope my cold goes away so I can enjoy the weekend - haven't been sleeping well with all the coughing at night.

Have a great holiday everyone!
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Wow Amy, what a roller coaster...........up and down for you! It's wonderful what your doing though. Hope you feel better soon!
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what a crazy week for you!!

But what a great thing you are doing helping all those solidars in Iraq. You have such a big heart.

Feel better soon, colds are no fun.
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That's quite a week you've had there. Sorry for the down points, but the plus points more than make up for it. Steve's ok; lots of soldiers feel that bit happier and Angel's going to be such a happy cat.

It's a wonderful thing that you've done
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Oh wow, sorry about the bad! But the good is just amazing! I would love to buy cat or dog toys for any soldiers if anymore would like! You are doing a great thing!
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