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Oil poisoning/genetic lung disease?

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As those of you who are following my other thread know, my Persil is really sick with lung congestion, but has no other URI symptoms. Her breathing rate as a result is well over 60 per minute, and her lungs sound bad. She has lost her appetite and I am syringe feeding her. The vet is a bit baffled, but has no ultrasound to really check out what is happening. I wanted to post under a different title to catch the attention of anyone who may know something.

When I found Persil in early October she was covered in motor/diesel oil, and I had to wash it all off her over a week or so. If she ingested any oil, could there be long term effects on her lungs?

The other question is about genetic lung disease. The vet is now saying that maybe it is a genetic problem. Do cats have any diseases that could cause these symptoms?

Please help if you can - I am so frightened for her.
Mjoumi to Dushka, Ellie and Persil
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Sometimes symptoms of lung disease or congestion are caused by something going on with the heart. Has the vet thoroughly checked her heart?

I'm not sure if motor or diesel oil would cause the symptoms you're seeing. I have had kittens come in covered in it and not had lung problems.

Could it be asthma? Yes, cats do get asthma. Find a family member, friend or colleague who uses a nebuliser. Place her in a covered carrier and direct the flow of Ventolin towards her. I have done this with very congested kittens and it has helped a lot. If you're desperate, you could find someone who uses a puffer and get them to use it the 'wrong way', ie. breathe in, hold it, do a puff into the mouth and slowly blow the air towards Persil's nose and mouth. This can be done several times without hurting the asthmatic as they aren't ingesting any of the ventolin themselves.

Good luck with her, I'm sending lots of good thoughts and vibes.
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