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I have a Secret Cat!!! :o)

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There's a stray/feral calico kitty I found running around here. Don't know how for how long. But when it snowed, I saw all it's little footprints in the yards...
ANYWAY, my DH doesn't want any extra cats right now. This one would, most likely, not be able to be an indoor cat, as it seems SO used to running all the time. The Cat Adoption and Rescue I work with ( www.katsnkittens.com ) is SOOOOOOOOO full right now, and they have no empty cages. So... I made a little shelter and put it under our deck. It is covered and warm in it, as possible. Then I put a food dish and water dish out. The Secret Kitty has been eating food, and drinking the water AND sleeping in the little shelter too!!!!! If ANYONE comes near--it just takes off running, so with the shelter being placed under our deck, this is perfect and much less likely to be disturbed here!
I told my DD and she was laughing and said, "MOM!! Is THAT why there was food and water by the garage door when I was there to visit you??
(Uuuuuuuummmmm.....yeah!!!! )
I think, pretty soon though, when Heather or Cheryl (they work with Katsnkittens.com) are able to financially, I will have them get an appointment to get this kitty caught, spayed and also get her wormed etc....
--Meanwhile, it is warm and fed!
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OoOoOOOooO! Wow, thats great that u are keeping it fed.and warm.. thats what matters!
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It's great the calico found you! Thank you for keeping her warm and fed !
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Bless you!
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Awww how lovely - your secret's safe with us - we won't tell hubby about your secret kitty sssssshhh!!

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Originally Posted by captiva
Bless you!
I agree Bless you!!
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Awwwwww what a noble action your´s he need you so much!
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I hope she isn't preggers and you can get her into the vet for the spay she needs. I hope an angel will send a donation to help this become a reality!
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Yeah...*I'm* hoping she's not preggers too!!!!!!!!
So far, she doesn't LOOK pregnant--but it certainly COULD happen. She is a FAST kitty and is VERY elusive. I think she would be VERY hard to catch at this point. If I even MOVE the food bowl a few inches to the left, of where I first put that bowl, she will NOT touch that food!!!! If she is--I KNOW I will NOT have a "Secret Kitty" anymore--as if she DOES have a litter, and marches up our sidewalk with 4-5 kittens in tow, my DH will see them for SURE!!! I'm thinking, if I have some warmer days come up, and can set canned food in a trap, without it freezing within 5 minutes (it is 5 degrees, outside right now! ) I am truly thinking I will try to trap her and give her over to www.katsnkittens.com to see if they can at least help get her spayed. If she is too feral, then we will figure out where to re-release her, when she is recovered from the spaying....
Oh, some kitties lead SUCH a rough, rough life....

ANYWAY, at this point, she is still my Secret Kitty!
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im so happy that you are giving her a nice warm place with food and water!!
i hope she will become friendly after a while
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