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Lightening & thunder in a snow storm!?!?!

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Holy moly, it is snowing like crazy here in Evansville. We are now officially in a "state of emergency".

About an hour ago my dad was on the front porch blowing snow off of it, and all of a sudden a HUGE flash of light came about. My mom and i thought my dad was electrocuted or something while he was out there, but it turns out it was LIGHTENING!!! HOW WEIRD! It was followed by a loud rumble of thunder too. All the while snow was coming down like crazy and it was nothing but white outside. That was quite possibly one of the weirdest things i have ever witnessed! Anyone ever seen anything like that before? I heard abou tit on the news today, but didn't think it would happen.
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Um, I have no idea but please, stay safe - and take care of Juicy too, Baylee would never forgive you if something happened to her sweetheart!
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hehe, will do! We went out riding around in my dad's truck before they declared a state of emergency. It is crazy out there! I love the snow and all, but not this much cause i'm getting cabin fever already! Let me outta here!!! AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
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I have seen that happen a couple of times, and I agree that it is very freaky weather! The meterologists call it "thundersnow" when it happens here.
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I hadn't heard about it til after it happened, so when it happened i thought it was the end of the world or something! haha, i'm a nerd, i know. But it freaked me out sooooo bad! I never thought it was possible that all that could happen at the same time!
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i have never heard of this.. nor, seen it!
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Seen it and heard it. Not very often - but it has happened. Hey, I'm 47 years old!
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Hey I'm in Owensboro, we had the thunder and lightning too - weird
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Hi, Sassykitty! Glad to see you're back with us!
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In Bosnia we have had two storms like that this winter - snow, thunder and lightning. The first time it happened I thought the jets were back. Apparently it is the first time that anyone can remember that here too. What is happening to our weather?
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OK that sounds like you've got some real mother cell clouds over you. It's obviously cold enough to snow, but the storms come when you've got high charged TALL clouds above you - something to do with the positive and negative charges picked up by particles within the cloud depending on how high they are inside it and how they're moving as well... suffice to say those clouds have to be BIG and HIGH to get the thunder and lightening going as well as for it to snow. It's just acting like a normal rainstorm only it's cold enough for it to come down as snow... Expect that snow to turn to hail. Stay safe... and no dashing outside with an umbrella - or without a hardhat! Hope it passes soon
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What a storm!Please stay safe and warm!
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well, it's morning now. Can't get my camera to turn on cause the batteries are dead. I wish i could, though, cause the snow is SOOO deep!!! We are still in a state of emergency and my boyfriend is still stuck in Louisville, 2 hours away. Driving in this he is like 4 hours away though. I wish he were here safe and sound with me!

Hav a wonderful day everyone and thanks for responding to my question!!!
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I *love* snow storms with thunder and lightning, it's so romantic or exciting or something.. I usually hate snow period but with the lightning I feel like I'm in a movie or witnessing a phenomenon.. I got chills just thinking about it.
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