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Thomas is sick--vomiting

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Thomas has been vomiting for 2 days now. I haven't taken him to the vet yet because I wasn't sure at first WHICH of my cats it was. But today, I finally saw Thomas vomiting and it's worrying me. The weird thing is that his appetite is great.....in fact.....I've been calling him Mr. Piggy for the last couple of days because he seems like he's starving all the time. But then a little while after he eats, he vomits up this massive amount of undigested food. At first.....I suspected it was one of my adult cats because of the size of the pile.....it looked way too big to have come from one of the kittens. But it's definitely from Thomas. No wonder he seems hungry all the time if he's not digesting his food!

Since all my litterboxes are in an outside closet with a kitty door leading to them.......I have no way of knowing if he is pooping or not....since there are 5 boxes and all the cats seem to share them. I currently have him quaranteened in the bedroom with me with a clean litterbox and his own bowls of food and water so that I can see if he is pooping or not. So far, he's been in here with me for about 3 hours, has already eaten some dinner....but has not used the litterbox yet. He went in it once....but didn't go. He also has not vomited yet and it's been about an hour and a half since he ate. He's just sleeping now....but otherwise seems perfectly fine.

There are two things I'm wondering about........

1) Do you think he's just eating too much and that's making him sick? I usually always leave out dry food.....different bowls for the adults and kittens.....but they all have access to the bowls. Then I feed the adults canned food in the mornings and the kittens get canned in the mornings and at night.

2) The other possibility that I'm worried about is that he's gotten a hold of something and swallowed it and it's now caused a blockage in his digestive tract so the food is not able to pass.

I guess if he doesn't have a bowel movement by tomorrow, I'm going to take him to the vet. Problem is......we're expecting a pretty bad winter storm here tonight and even though I'm supposed to be off work tomorrow.....I'll most likely get called in since I'm a nurse and any time there's snow and ice.....they always call in people who are off work because so many people can't make it in. Maybe I can get my daughter to take him if I have to work.

So do any of you have any ideas on what may be going on with Thomas?
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If there is a blockage you should be able to feel a hard area in his abdomine. He may just be eating too fast. Kep him seperate from the other cats and watch him closely. If he stops eating or drinking you will have a real problem. If you can get him to a vet I would do so.
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It sounds like you've got everything figured out... I just wanted to post that I hope everything will be good with the little guy... I had a puking kitten this summer, but it only lasted a day and a half, and things are good now. I had called the vet and everything, and it cleared up before she wanted me to call if it hadn't.

Just keep doing what you are doing, and let us know what the vet says.
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Thanks everyone......he has been in the bedroom with me for close to 4 hours now and no vomiting so far. He also still hasn't used the litterbox either though.

This is why I may not be able to take him to the vet tomorrow......

The storm looks like it could be a bad one.
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Yikes... stay safe in the storm please, and poor Thomas - I have no advice to give or opinions but I hope it's nothing serious! If he's vomiting, wouldn't it be good to kind of limit what he's eating, feed him bland stuff or something? Keep us updated!
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