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yay Im back!

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Okay i didnt expect me to come back so soon, we went out and bought a new mainboard, processor and other few things and now i have my new computer !!!

But TCS isnt back to normal!!! anyone can tell me why?
I cant see my smiley box still, i still have silly images instead of the normal thing?? hmm odd!

My mum is still in hospital but i dont know when she will come out.
I didnt get to see her today because it snowed so badly and it was so hard to drive! wow we kept on sliding and it was so scary.

So how is everyne it feels like i havent been on in such a long time!
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Yay I'm so glad you're back! Um... I'm not sure if TCS is normal or not, looks fine to me.

Stay safe driving, no sliding please!
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Welcome back Fwan! Glad to hear you have a "new" puter. I hope your mum is OK.
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glad you're back fran! I am surfing TCS on a new computer as well. but, everything seems to be ok with surfing from here.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok with you and your mom and your family.

Say hi to Teufel from me and Ebony!
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Hehe Well i am currently packing and i feel so rotten though...
I have to leave my mother and i dont know how to... i mean i love hre so much and she just wont stop drinking and i know that i am getting too sick from being in this crazy situation and that i have to leave but im so scared that i wont have an immediete family!!

Teufels purring upto ebony hehe
I think he is a bit worn out by his cat nip toy!
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Hi fwan! Nice surprise. Has your TCS setup corrected itself? Everything seems to be ok for me.
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It says HTML is off and it used to be on i think??
how to i change it? im so silly..
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