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GRRR! I'm so MAD!

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I ordered something online for my sister-in-law on December 16th. I paid extra for 2 day shipping to be SURE it would be here before the 24th (allowing for 6 business days). The 16th was Thursday night, so I figured it would ship on Friday, Monday at the latest.

I called Monday and they told me it had shipped that day.

Well today I got the tracking # by e-mail, so I went and checked with DHL and no info was available. This implied that it had been shipped TODAY!

So I called the company I ordered from and the customer service rep confirmed what I feared. It shipped only TODAY, meaning I won't get it until x-mas eve.

I NEED this gift for x-mas eve. I'll only be home until about 1:00pm that day. Now, with any luck it MIGHT come before 1:00, but it can come antime up until 5:00pm.

I am SOOOO mad. The company I ordered from credited me for the 2-day shipping, but it's not the money I'm mad about. I would much rather they had called me or at least indicated on their website that orders were backlogged because of the holiday rush, and it was possible it wouldn't ship out from them for several days. I would have taken my business elsewhere.

These gifts were expensive. I'm out of money, so going out and buying them locally and then returning the shipped ones isn't an option.


I guess part of it is my fault for waiting until the end of last week to order. I guess I shouldn't have had faith in a company that said "yes it's in stock and will ship the next business day"!
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Bad company, bad company
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sorry... i feel bad for you that has to suck!! i still havent gone christmas shopping online or locallly and i have a headache! oh well yours is worse sorry....happy holidays.
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i agree with coolcat.
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Oh some of these places are just terrible. They promise you it will be there and then Christmas rolls around and you're stuck telling people, oh, um, sorry, but your gift's not been delivered yet, and they think it's your fault because you waited until the last minute or something. I was just talking to my neighbor this morning and she told me she and her husband ordered their little girl's toys for Christmas about two months ago, and they STILL haven't arrived. Now how are you supposed to explain to a four-year-old that Santa's running a little behind on his deliveries?
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Sheesh, some companies! We are still waiting on a video that we ordered for the boys on December 1st that MUST be here by the 24th, I have a tracking order that says "shipped". Call the company and they say it's on the way and it will arrive on time, don't worry.

On the upside, I ordered a gift for Jon that I expected to be here on Christmas Eve. I got a confirmation that it was shipped at 11pm one night and at the end of it said it would arrive in 3-8 days. I started having a fit that it wouldn't get here on time. It was delivered the next afternoon and I didn't pay extra for shipping, so don't get too uptight till around noon on the 24th.
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You wanna hear MORE frustrating?

I called my husband at work to tell him the story. He does shipping himself as his job, so he told me to call them back because if it says it shipped TODAY it hasn't yet left their facility... they should be able to switch it to overnight shipping.

I call the company. He said my husband was only partially right. The shipment hasn't left yet, and it won't until 11:00pm TONIGHT. But is cannot be changed. When I asked why, he said because he is sitting in an office in california, and the warehouse is in Ohio, so there's no way for him to contact them to make this change. I said "what about contacting DHL directly" -- and he said because by the time they have the package (when it gets into THEIR computer ssystem) it will already be marked and on it's way to the 2-day sorting facility. I'm going to try contacting DHL myself and see what happens.

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Originally Posted by ComeresMom
When I asked why, he said because he is sitting in an office in california, and the warehouse is in Ohio, so there's no way for him to contact them to make this change.

Am I dense, or am I just missing something? Why can't this guy in California pick up a TELEPHONE and call the warehouse in Ohio? Gosh, that is so frustrating! I hope you can get it sorted out!
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Sounds like they need to get their heads out of there and get on the ball, that is insane!
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It gets even more complicated.

DHL has now told me that they aren't guaranteeing 2 day shipments on x-mas eve. So it's possible it won't get here at ALL that day. The only thing that can be guaranteed is overnight shipping for tomorrow.

The woman at DHL was very nice and insisted I should call the company I bought from back and get a little fiesty with them -- she said that if they are still going to have the package until 11pm there HAS to be something they can do for me.

I'm on hold now, I'll keep you posted.
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For the record, I did 90% of my shopping online this year and almost all of it has arrived without a problem... right on time as promised. These were orders I place through Amazon, Best Buy, Gift and Glass and Target.

Anyway, this is the latest. I called the company back -- this company is RedEnvelope (I've ordered from them in the past without a problem) -- I got a different customer service rep this time.

She told me that ALL their 2 days shipments going out today are scheduled for morning delivery the 24th. I don't know if she's lying to me or what because DHLs website doesn't even specify that they offer this option, but it's possible it's on the packing slip as a "priority" delivery. I told her that DHL told me they aren't guaranteeing 2 day shipments at this point because of a limited schedule on x-mas eve. She said that they already knew that which is why everything was shipped for morning delivery priority.

So at this point all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope it arrives Friday morning. If not, I'll be printing out a picture of it and wrapping THAT up to give to my sister-in-law
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My husband works for FED EX so I kinda know the ins and outs of shipping companies. Since you have the tracking #, you can call your local terminal and tell them to hold the package there and pick it up from them. Once it's on the truck........too bad, you;ll have to wait until the driver gets to you.

Also, please remember that these guys are contractors, they get paid by package and stop so they are really and truely moving and doing their best to get you your package. They cannot deliver it until it gets put on their turck and then you may not get it until late that night b/c of his route. If you are on the back end it may cause you to get it late. They have to be a certain places and certain times therefor they have to run the route in best way for them so that they are not docked in pay for being late to one their scheduled pick ups.

Sorry, I know that's a lot of information, but people sto pmy husband all day long looking for their package and don't realize that this slows them down. They also get mad at him if he doesn't have it.......he can't deliever what's not on it truck.

I hope you get your package on time......trying calling the terminal, you may be able to have them hold it.
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Oh dear, I really hope everything works out.
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I'll keep an eye on this thread, I really hope it gets to you soon! Like yayi I'm *crossing fingers* here too!
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I got my delivery on monday from pet smart.
Today the post man rang my door bell but nothing was delivered!!
Maybe someone in my appartment stole another package!
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My friend Jennifer's bf works at the UPS call center. According to him, the sellers are telling customers that they guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve. They are flat-out LYING! Anything shipped this week will be delivered Dec. 28th and UPS has notified their clients of that fact. The providers aren't passing that info on to the customers.
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Well it's not UPS but DHL for this particular package thanksfully -- though I do have two other packages scheduled to arrive tomorrow by UPS, but those were shipped last week. According to the tracking info, they are on schedule to get here tomorrow.
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The big bummer here is that the company you ordered from fed you a line right from the start. If the item had shipped when they told you it would, there wouldn't have been a problem, and on that basis you trusted them. If you had known the truth, you'd have been in a position to choose whether to find another way of getting your item in time or to accept that it might not arrive, and prepare for a creative gift package that doesn't actually contain the gift. That's not perfect, but it can be fun to put together, if you know that's what you're dealing with. Instead you're left wasting your energy running around from merchant to shipper and back again, never knowing what information to trust.

My experience with DHL is that they're straight-up and reliable, so my inclination is to point the finger at the merchant. He's the one who stood to lose the sale if he couldn't deliver. Unless I had total confidence that this is truly an exceptional circumstance, and not something that might be repeated, he could colour me gone from now on. That's really crummy service.
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Oh yeah, I know it's the merchants fault and told them so (not rude to them of course... person answer the phone isn't at fault, and he actually agreed with me). They refunded my 2-day shipping expense, which is really all they could do at THIS point. Had they shipped it like their website indicated they would, I would have gotten it in plenty of time.

Next year I'm going to start ordering in September! LOL
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DHL is awful! They are using the postal service to do most of their holiday shipping. They only handle it until it gets to the post office, which they take their sweet time doing. Then they buyers call and scream at us because DHL is not doing their job. The postal service is going nuts over this, trying to get their misdirected packages to their destination.
I hope everyone gets their stuff on time!
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false advertising sweetie, you can book em for that one
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Originally Posted by katl8e
My friend Jennifer's bf works at the UPS call center. According to him, the sellers are telling customers that they guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve. They are flat-out LYING! Anything shipped this week will be delivered Dec. 28th and UPS has notified their clients of that fact. The providers aren't passing that info on to the customers.

That stinks Cindy!!
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They got me too, I also paid for "3 day shipping" so you know what they did? Split up the shipment so that I got the game GUIDE day before yesterday, but no game....they shipped the GUIDE priority mail and the game itself UPS, so guess I won't be putting it under the tree THIS year.....ARRRRGH!! >:-P
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I have to say I've had only positive experiences with DHL and most of the online shops I order from. I ordered all my Christmas presents before November 20, and all but one has arrived here or in the U.S. (and I've already had 5 emails from Amazon apologizing for their inability to deliver that one item by Christmas!)
DHL really brightened my day yesterday. We had a "vet emergency" (Jamie attacked Zsa Zsa, and managed to send Robert to the ER - the story is posted on the Behavior forum), so I wasn't home at the usual time on Wednesdays. When I finally got home, there was a note from the DHL guy, saying he had a delivery from a pet food supplier for me, and would come back around 5:30, just in case I needed it urgently, and would leave it with one of the neighbors if I wasn't home by then. That's service! This guy actually remembers his regular customers' schedules, and delivers accordingly.
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Grrr Red Envelope!
Grrr DHL
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