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Need to relocate litter box

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Does anyone know how to relocate the litter box? I have a three story town house. I need to move it out of guest room on third floor to newly finished first floor, it is well heated. My cat has never had any problems going out side of the box, but the thought of moving it scares me.
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Hi I moved my litter box recently from the first floor to the second and I actually changed from a regular litter box to a littermaid, thought Pickles (my cat) would have a hard time adjusting. He seemed alright with it. I did though show him where I put it so he didn't get confused. I don't think you should have a problem as long as your cat knows where it is. Hope this helps.
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Hi Buzzy-

Do you have a few days in which to do this? Here is the method that will lead to the least amount of potential for an accident.

Buy another litter box (you never know when you might need a spare, and besides, it doesn't have to be as nice as the primary box). Take the "used" litter from the current box, put it in the new box, and put that box where you want the new location to be. The "used" litter doesn't have to be full of, shall we say, matter, it can have been cleaned of all the lumps and clumps, but it will still smell right to your cat.

Anyway, after a day or two with two boxes, cleaning on your usual schedule, switch the two boxes: put the old one where you want it to be eventually, and the backup one in the old spot. Once you know for certain your cat is using the box in the new spot, take the old one away. Maybe leave a bathmat or a towel in the old spot, just in case, for a day or two. But if you can rearrange the room so that the old spot is covered by a dresser or something, that will make it much easier. A few squirts of vinegar or citrus will also help.

Good luck!
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If you move it in small increments over a series of days, that works well. By the time it gets to the new location your cat will know to follow it. It is also wise to add another litter pan once it gets to the location you want, one cat, two pans. Also be sure that the new location is secure, and private or you may have litter pan accidents-
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