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Difficult IQ test

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Apparently this is an IQ test given to employees in Japan.

Everybody has to cross the river. The following rules apply:

- Only 2 persons on the raft at a time

- The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their
mother's presence.

- The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their
father's presence.

- The thief (striped shirt) can not stay alone with any family

- Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate
the raft.

- To start click on the big blue circle on the right.
- To move the people click on them.
- To move the raft click on the red balls.....

if you succeed in:
4 minutes: you are a Genius
6 minutes: You are exceptionnally intelligent
10 minutes:You are very intelligent
20 minutes:You are average
25 minutes: You are a bit slow
30 minutes or more: You are terrible and you should go to work in
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I did it in about 10 minutes (after watching someone fail at it for about 10 minutes)
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I did it! It took me 9 minutes though... yeesh!
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Being average is a good thing, right?

Fun quiz, thanks for the link.
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I cant get it??????

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That was great, ady! Took me a bit to figure it out, though. It was a good challenge.
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That was wicked fun...good post took awhile but then i got
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Ha ha, I had to explain it to my boyfriend, walk him through it and he still looked confused. Poor guy...
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i have no idea how i solved Don't ask me to do it again!!! I think it took me some where around 10 min. too.
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I think it took me about 15 minutse too and i'm not sure i could do it again!!

I think i'll send to all the people i work with and see how long it takes them...
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Took me about 5 minutes, but we used to do this stuff in math class
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took me about 5 mins....
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i cant get it to work either
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I don't get it. Good thing I'm already in Europe eh?
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Will someone PM me the answer! I guess I have a case of the blondes or something!! I CAN"T GET IT
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LOL! I don't think I could PM you the answer if I tried. I do remember that as a first step, I took the cop and the thief over, brought the cop back, and then (I think) brought him over with one of the kids. Then you have to bring the cop and the thief back so that the thief isn't alone with the kid. After that, it's all a blur!
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I can get both boys on the other side, but that is where I get stuck! Why can't I do it!!
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Keep trying, you'll get it.
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Great little brain teaser. For those who are stuck and want the answer, send me a PM.
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I feel took me 7 minutes...once you uderstand the 2 parents stay together, and the cop can escort the kids when leaving one kid by itself, it solves fairly quick.
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Ok... for some reason I still cannot figure it out!! haha Don't I feel stupid. I PMed Kumbulu but haven't received a reply yet... and I'm dying to know !!!! Some one tell me how to do this thing!! lol
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Nevermind! I just figured it out! Thank god lol
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I'm glad you finally got it! LOL!

ady, this test was a great find.
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My brain is slow moving tonight! lol I guess I'm average, as it took me a few tries to finally get it! Darn, and I thought I was a genius! lol
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It took me a few times to get it - good thing I'm already in Europe too!! I was sure hubby would beat me, but I ended up explaining it to him. Mind you, he does have the attention span of a gnat
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this is just giving me a headache
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OMG I GOT IT BEFORE MY BF!! and he is always showing off his iq of 140! lol
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