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Look at all that snow!

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Well... we have about... 7 inches of snow right now...
here are a few pics...

this is the creek right in front of our house..

^isnt that just soo pretty!

Here is Ali.. our border collie, the queen!

^i think its neat that u can see the snow falling!

Last, here is Rowdy.. we just adopted him.. well i guess we're fostering him until we can find him a good home.. he's a blue heeler.. soo adorable

^he was chasing me all over the yard, and it was soo hard to get a pic of him!
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How gorgeous! Falling snow is one of my favorite sights. Thank you for taking the time to share. (Does your creek ever freeze over?)
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yup! it does.. last year... my friend and i skipped school one day and just played on the creek and stuff.. it was soo much fun!! being 18 years old.. lol, it was kinda childish to play like we were.. its alright though!
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What part of Indiana are you in, Summer? If you said, I forgot...

Along the Ohio River we have almost a foot and more expected tonight.
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Waaaahhhh...... I want some!!!!
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SE Indiana.. its about 20 min from Lawrenceburg...

its coming down like crazy... i hate snow. but it looks really pretty
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Yep, it looks like this will be a weather system that follows the Ohio River.

Enjoyed the pics if the dogs and I was reminded of my cocker spaniel Rex (RB) and his first snow. He would run nose first into the snow and stop to look up - always with a big pile of snow on his nose!
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Oooh pretty! Great pics!
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that is absolutly beautiful!!!!!

i'm sooooo jealous!!!!!
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catherine.. dont be jealous! lol, i will give u all our snow!
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I feel cold of see your lovely pics!!!! But are sooooooo goods!!!!!! Thank´s for share!!!!
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wow, it looks sooooo cold there!
your puppys are so cute especially the blue heeler.
i have a beagle.
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i am jelouse!!! but great pics!!
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we just let our sheltie outside on the deck.. and our outside kitties are rubbing all over her!
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Beautiful pics, I'm not jealous at all..... I love my sunny 75 degree weather today.
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It's lovely to see all these pics of snow from all over. It's very pretty, to be sure, great to look at -- but I'm not in the least jealous. I'll be very happy to stay green.
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Oh, it's just GORGEOUS! I want some snow, too!
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we're getting sleet now.. soo its gross!
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Originally Posted by lenaorie
we're getting sleet now.. soo its gross!
Well, we're getting rain! Blech!
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its slowed down.. maybe it will quit!
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Well we (Ohio here!) have 13 inches where I am, of snow and NOW icy stuff is pelting down on top of it!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!
I sure hope this isn't like the blizzard in the late 1970's. I remember it started with rain, then turned into the HORRIFIC snowstorm on top of all the rain... It sure is NOT slowing down here, either!! I have been out several times to shovel (UGH!!! )
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well... we got about... 10+ inches last nite!! soo.. around 20... 22ish....
thats a lot of damn snow!!
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we got are first snow to
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Well.. we have a ton of snow.. and here are a few more pics

this is of Popeye... the bulldog/reindeer.. last nite..

this is the other view from our house... can u believe there is a road there bside that barn?! It is totally covered.. and the road crew isnt coming down for probably 2 days!

Last.. hers a picture of a birdie. getting some food!
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Those are great pictures. We got quite a bit of snow last night and this morning. We wanted to go skiing in southern Indiana this morning, but some of the roads were closed. It is awfully beautiful outside! Northern Indiana is supposed to have below zero temperatures on Christmas day.
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skiing... at Perfects?! thats like... 30 minutes from my house! i used to live like 1 minute from there.. my family still does.. and has a trucking business
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Oooh very pretty. Hubby's trying to figure out some useful skills that you might need so we can move to your place He loves your creek!!

So nice of you to feed the birdies - as they won't be able to find any food for themselves on the ground and will need to eat so much more as they'll be using lots of energy to keep warm. We lose so many birds here in the UK (especially sparrows) when they can't find food.

Have you got a winter store - are you ok for food? Looks like you won't be able to get out for a few days.
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