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Ukraine elections

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What do you think will happen with the new elections. Do you think that international observers will affect the vote? Canada is sending over 500 observers. Story from cp24.com

Ballot Watchers

Hordes of Canadians made their way to the Ukraine this week.

Ottawa is dishing out $5 million to send Canadian election observers there, helmed by former prime minister John Turner. The group of 500 observers is the most Canada has ever sent and it represents the first mission of the Canada Corps. That’s a federal initiative meant to use Canadian expertise to bolster governance around the globe.

Those planning to keep an eye on Ukraine’s presidential vote – which will enter an unprecedented third round on Sunday – are eager to help.

“It's an uplifting experience, what happened in the last few weeks,†said Bohdan Klid as he prepared to travel to Kyiv. “I want to be there to witness what I think will be a transition to more open democratic government.â€

The thought of hundreds of Canadians making their way to Ukraine triggered strong emotions in Ambassador Mykola Maimeskul in Ottawa.

“I am overwhelmed,†he told the group. “You will be witnessing the critical moment in the history of my nation, the birth of a new Ukraine.â€

Ukraine’s Supreme Court called for Sunday’s election after tossing out the results of an allegedly fraudulent vote on November 21, that saw Kremlin-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych emerge as the apparent victor. His supposed win triggered thousands and thousands to fill the streets of the capital to show support for his rival, opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko.

December 22, 2004
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The German government asked for volunteers, and got way, way, too many! I expect the opposition candidate to win, and predict that it won't lead to the secession of eastern Ukraine. Putin is currently visiting Germany, and has intimated that he'll no longer interfere, i.e., will accept a "Westernized" Ukraine.
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