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New to comunity

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Hi, I;m new to the community, I have a new addition to my family
a small girl Princess is her name, she is about 2 months old, her color is very light blonde and her tummy is white, her mom dissapear when she was about 2 to 3 weeks old, her foster mom ( The owner of her mom) finish raising her and as soon as she was ready she came to live with us She is very healthy, playfull and my hubby is spoling her, ( ok I admit I do to )
The problem is my oldest kid brought home 2 other abandon kittens and I have no idea as to how take care of them,,they had some green discharge in there eyes and there kind or agresive at feading time, today she gave them a bath because they smell and one of them could not walk and wash trembling, there better now but I got scare, can anyone give me some advise pleasse?
I'm going to take them to the vet in about 2 hours.But I can use all the help I can get.

Thank you ..Arcelia
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Dear Arcelia


Green discharge from the eyes sounds like an eye infection.

Hope you like it here!!
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I will move this thread over to the Health forum where you will be able to talk to other members who might know about this. Do you know how old these new kitties are? I hope you are keeping them seperated from Princess as they could infect her as well. Are they to young to leave mom? Are you feeding them KMR or some other mother's milk replacer? They sound pretty little, so keep them very warm and in a small box in a dark quiet place if you can. Taking them in to see the vet as soon as possible is a wise idea for the green discharge does not sound normal, most eye infection discharge is rusty colored.
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Thank you hissy...no I have no idea about this kittens age, there were 3 kittens abandoned, there eyes are open and there walking I didn't knew about milk I'm given them can food because dry food is to hard for them, they eat it with no problems and I don't see diarrea ..I have a litter box and they use it
I do have them in the basement in a cage with newspaper and rags to keep them warm I also install a light above to keep them warm.Princess is upstairs and we wash our hands every time we touch them but Princess sometimes runs downstairs I have to admist Princess become in contact with them about 3 days ago and she seems to atack them, this morning she run downstairs and got one by the neck I don't know anything about cats, she is a baby is she fighting or playing rough? I have to clarify Princess is about 13 weeks and this kittens are about half her size I'll said just a lil bigger then half.
Thank you for your help
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In your initial post when you said abandoned kittens I automatically thought very small eyes not open kind of thing. I would keep Princess seperated from them for at least a month. Take the blanket that the kits are sleeping on after a few days and put it out where Princess can scent it (that is IF the vet clears the little ones of infectious diseases, and take one of princesses blankets and do the same. Keep interchanging them and the transistion will be easier that way.
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I should not have said that green discharge sounded like an eye infection. That is what I was told and read.....

Sorry, still learning.
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I was just at the veterinarian and kittens have disstemper which I read is a cold and He gave me some medicine for them, He also said there to young for shots but is ok to keep giving them can food and yes He also recomend to keep Princess away from them till cold clears.
I thank you all for your help It really gave me some peace till I got to the doctor.
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Are you sure the vet said distemper? Distemper is a very serious disease and almost always a fatal one for the little ones as they haven't had their vaccinations yet. It would explain why the one kitten was having problems walking as it affects their gait and makes their limbs tremble. PLEASE KEEP THEM ISOLATED even if Princess is up on her shots, and make sure you heard the vet right, because distemper is not just a cold. URI is a cold, and both are viruses but one is way lethal than the other. Sorry to scare you, but if the vet says distemper, it is quite serious.




BTW the links come from a caring member Donna who helps out with a Cat Rescue & Sanctuary
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I read somewhere that some distemper is a cold..and the doctor after checking on them didn't seem to worry ..so when He said distemper I wasnt surprise at all...should I worry?
All He gave me was Amocillin to give them 2 times a day ..I have to say kittens look better after this afternoon since there were in the sun...there always very active. I only saw them acting like that this afternoon maybe having the cold and on top a shower..I WANT to think there were just cold...but I would keep and eye on them personally.
Anything I should watch for?
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I don't know why your vet didn't seem to be concerned, but usually with young kittens the disease will take them. They will begin to vomit and have diarrhea and then seizure before they fail. Is Princess innoculated against distemper? And really even if she is, you want to keep them very isolated. When you handle them wear gloves and wash your hands really good. You might put in a call to this vet and ask him if he meant FP distemper or if he is just calling a cold distemper (which I have never heard of) I am sorry to give you this burden, but you need to know that according to what you posted, the outcome does not look good. Especially when you said that one kitten had trouble walking because that is a sign of FP. I also would not bathe them anymore, handle them very little and pray a lot. Again, I am sorry to be telling you this and I HOPE I am completely off base here.
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Distemper (Medical term is Panleukopenia)is NOT a cold. It is a very serious FATAL disease that can wipe out the kittens because they are too young for their shots and their immune system isn't fully developed yet. If you are unsure, PLEASE, call the vet back and confirm that his diagnosis is. If you don't trust this vet, get another opinion. Symptoms of Distemper is vomiting, diarrhea, runny eyes, listlessness, fever, dehydration. And it can kill a kitten very quickly if they don't get the help they need.

PLEASE read the links that Hissy posted. It will give you a better understanding of what this disease can do. Also, please keep in mind that Distemper can stay airborne for up to one year. The only thing that might get rid of it in the room you use, is Clorox (only Clorox) bleach. Take the hottest water you can get, mix with Clorox bleach and wipe everything down (window sills, walls, doorknobs, heater boards, dressers.etc.) everything that those kittens came into contact with. You may even have to steam clean your carpets.

There is no cure for distemper, only a vaccination to prevent it. As Hissy said, at this point, the outcome doesn't look good. I will pray for them all, as distemper is an awful way for a kitten to die.

If it is just an upper respiratory infection, you'll still have to keep them isolated from your other cats so that they don't catch it. Once the kittens have been given a clean bill of health, then you can start introducing them gradually!

Good luck.

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