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Need help in grooming

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Does anyone know how to rig up some kind of a restraint, so that I can get my Princess Alexis groomed on her belly? She has mats the size of Texas and everytime I try to clip her on her belly, she freakes. She will let me clip her back, neck, but not the belly or around her hind end. Any ideas, helps???
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hi! i never had that problem with my cats but i can give you a suggestion.i have 5 cats and i clip all their nails. its tough, and for my siemese it even tougher. what i do is get her as shes waking up from a nap. she is calm and so nice and i say clip clip clip then good girl. surprisenly it works. maybe in your case you can at least get some of it then wait for another nap. good luck--missk
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Trying to clip mats out yourself is dangerous and I'm sure your kitty senses this. They are so smart! I never recommend someone try to clip or shave themselves. It's too easy to cut the skin and very tricky to see between the skin and the fur. If the cats belly is matted that badly then you should probably have a professional groomer shave the belly. They can do it without cutting the skin and hurting the kitty. And they always seem to tolerate things like that from strangers more then from their loved ones.

Once the cats mats are out, it's important to keep up with it daily so hopefully it doesn't get to that point again. I have a kitty that is hard to keep up with so I know what it is like. One thing that helps in prevention is bathing regularly. But don't try that until the mats are off his belly or they might get worse. But bathing really does help get all the dead fur out (which is what makes up the mats). There are a lot of grooming and bathing tips on my website. The link is below my signature if you are interested. Goodluck!
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