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Eye discharge...

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Should a kitten have any time of eye discharge? Since having Sparkles (3 months now) she has from time to time had crust in her the corner of her eye. Is this normal? It's a dark black/brown crust. And her right eye sometimes waters, it's only that eye. And I haven't seen this in her sister, Kesara, at all. Is this a sign of infection? Or is this just something normal for her?

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I would call your vet. I have had kitten born with eye infections, my current kitten who is 4 1/2 months has discharge from one eye, my vet gave me a opthamolic (sp) cream for eye but it hasn't gone away with that so I have to go back for something stronger, in the mean time I'm still using it and using clean warm washcloth to wipe his eye. I had a cat who eye didn't clear up and they gave me a ointment for herpes and that cleared it right up!!
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I've never seen my kitten's eye water but she does have those eye crusties. I was told it was a upper respiratory infection by the vet, but since it hasn't gone away... could be allergies since she sneezes a bit...
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If it is gummy and crusty on an hourly basis it could be something to wory about. If it is just a little sleep in the corner of her eye it could be she just isn't grooming as adaquatly as her sister
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Zoey is almost 3 and always gets brown crusties in the corner of her eyes. In a kitten I might be more prone to contact the vet but my vet had told me clear or brown crusties occasionally is normal for some cats. Saki on the other hand never gets them.
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