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Giving notice at work.....question???

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I have never had to give notice at a company that have worked for before and am hoping that by the end of the week, I can do this. I have always been with companies for years and then made redundant. So this is to be a first for me.
I am hoping to be able to do the dirty deed tomorrow or as soon as I get confirmation via email of the position. What sort of thing does one say as I have never done this and its a little new to me. I dont want it to be nasty, kinda polite and nice and friendly. Have decided to take some time off as well at the same time to help my head. the doc has told me this am that cant work at least for a further month and has increased the new drug by 100% strength wise. That will help me a bit am told. Doc does not know I have the new position at all, never mentioned it. i have to call my boss later in the next hour, shes gonna be mad for sure to tell her about the next month off work.
Anyway - anyone had to give notice - ideas of what to say would be appreciated.....
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All you need to say is that you are resigning, and what your last day of employment will be. It's usual to give a certain amount of notice (usually a month if you are paid monthly), check your contract to see how long the notice period should be. It's up to you if you want to say "it's been a pleasure working here" or something like that, but probably not a good idea to say you hated it, in case you ever want a reference from them! It really doesn't need to be a long letter at all, just say what you need/want to say, and that's it!

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Sigh, the way it usually works around here is they call in one day and say "I quit" I think if one were to give me notice I'd probably faint!
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I would probably start off by thanking them for the "support" (ha - I know) that they have given you as well as the opportunity to learn and grow with such a "diverse" company. Indicate that you appreciate the time you have spent with them building relationships, but that an opportunity has come up that you cannot decline.

You know, basically, pile it on.
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Or you can say @#$% off, you stupid horrible hag-Take this job and stick it!...But only in your head, and when you talk to her tell her that her help was magnanimous, but you must be going on to a job better suited to your health concerns.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Or you can say @#$% off, you stupid horrible hag-Take this job and stick it!...

Ohhh how I would love to.... had me laughing my ass off that line, really did. Somehow, if I did, I think it may go against me, specially as the new job pays more than she makes.... methinks better not say that !!!!
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Kev, if you give your notice now, then chances are the current manager will tell you to leave now...and take you off payroll. Which means you may not get paid for staying home. If you wait a while before informing them, they get the privilage of paying for your medical expenses and time off.

Think about it.
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i think 2 weeks is standard, it gives them a short period of time to search for someone new but not enough time for them to let you go because you are still needed. at previous jobs i had to provide written notice.. Which is just a little letter stating your resignation from the position/company. No biggie, people do it every day.
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This is to inform you that I am resigning my position as.... and I shall be leaving the company on.... as per the terms of notice in my contract. This includes .... holiday still owing to me (if applicable).

I have benefited from all that I have learnt here and I have enjoyed my time. I wish the firm well in the future. I shall miss my colleagues and the friends I have made.

Yours sincerely
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