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Any Other Alians Out There lol :)

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Hi I was just wondering if any of you are as bad as me when you are not happy about something either at the shops or anything that ticks you off I'm terrable my hubby won't stay with me if I get riled wile I'm shopping he is a chicken

I'm always polite unless I am egnored or spoken to in a nasty manner then my claws come out but the other day I saw something that almost made me sick it was so gross I was shopping and I went to the food court to get a drink and the woman that served me had gloves on well she took my money and then went and served another woman her food and did not change her gloves so I said to her it was unhiginic ( I mean desposable gloves are cheep ) and she just looked at me like I was a moron so I asked to see her boss I was so ticked off and proceded to tell him very politely that what was happening was against the health regulastions and if someone got ill because of the way there food was being handeled he could be in big trouble he was very good about it and apologized to me and I said I didn't say something for an apology but I buy food from here and I don't want to get food posoning from dirty hands handling my food ( This was all said very politely and nice ) it just made me ill

The last time I said something was really bad I got really angry this day what had happend was I brought some really nice looking sausages from this chicken shop they were chicken, silverbeet and pine nut sausages and they were yummy the problem being that my hubby is alergic to spinich but he can eat silver beet and when I got the sausages I asked the peorson if it was silver beet in the sausages and told her why it was important to know and she ashoured me it was silver beet so to cut a long story sort it was spinich and my hubby blew up like a baloon with horrable red welts all over his body I was so angry so I went back to the shop and told her and I told her quite politely and she got really nasty with me so that day I went off and told her I could have gone to the health department and complained but I gave her the curtasy of comming to her to let her know what was on the lable was wrong she got really nice after that but I have not shopped there since she was really rude I figer if someone makes a boo boo no biggy even my hubbys reaction as uncomfortable as it was for him was no biggy but I think she should have owned up to the fact that she had labled the sausages wrong

So all in all I was just woundering if anyone else has to say something if you see something gross or anything like that sometimes I think I'm the only one that says anything cause my family run and hide and it's not like I yell and scream at people I just have to point these things out cause it's gross or harmfull to someone I figer if they don't know about it they can't fix it am I weired or are there other alian's like me out there
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I don't think it's weird. I've worked in Customer Service for almost 20 years now and I expect the same respect and treatment from others that I would give to my clients and when I don't get I become the psycho customer service rep. I've done 3rd party calls with my DH to a computer tech line and when they treated him shabbily I acted like I was their supervisor and told them off. He got the best service after that. I also had a Customer Service trainer a couple of years ago that I would NEVER want as a customer. He was worse than you or me!
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As a customer you have the right to complain specially if it's a health issue.
Once I ordered room service in this classy beach resort. It was a meat dish with lots of sauce. It turned out the meat was near spoiled and I got sick (although not so bad as to need a doctor). I complained after vomitting the meal all over the bathroom. Well, they didn't charge me for my stay but I told them I would never go back there and would tell everyone I knew that they poison their customers.
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I am a little bit like that! On a mission to change to world (ish) and point out things!!

I worked on a bar for years and having been taught all the 'correct' ways of doing things ie not holding the glass at the rim, not touching the pump nozzle and cleaning up regularly, I notice people doing all these things!! I try to tell them nicely without sounding picky!!

I am also the first person to jump on the cleanliness of toilets and access and availibility for the disabled (my sis is in a wheelchair and I use a walking stick) So I confront them and contact the main bosses!!

I think people do need to be told about these things, especially if it is health! They should also realise that Word-of-Mouth is the most powerful advertising tool for good and bad!!

Remember, we're helping them!!
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I do the same. Actually I am usually the first to complain and send Jon running for cover. He never complains to anyone.

I was buying some hamburger this summer and told the man how much I wanted. He reached into the case and grabbed a handful with NO gloves on. I asked him where his gloves were and he said he'd just washed his hands. (when I walked up, he was standing with his hands in his pockets talking to another worker) I told him to keep the hamburger, went directly to the store office and complained to the manager about it.

One night we had dinner at one of the many fast food places here in town and one of the employees was standing in the back of the kitchen picking his nose with his gloves on. The manager was rude to me over saying anything and we ended up leaving, with several others who heard the conversation, and never going back.
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I will complain in a heartbeat about bad service. I sat in a restaraunt last week and called their customer complaint department on my cell phone. I try to be polite about it, but all bets are off if someone gets smart mouthed or rude.
On the other hand, if I get particularly good service, I will take the time to tell a supervisor or manager.
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I eat fish, but not other meat. The waitress indicated that they were out of fish. I asked for a few more minutes so that I could pick out a appetizer instead. She came back in a little while saying that the fish order just came in.

Although I was suspicious, my mother and I both ordered the fish. My husband (at the time) ordered something else. We were served the teeniest and dryest pieces of fish we ever had. The waitress obviously expected to serve only one order. We picked at it and left without comment. When we got to the car I called from my cell phone and asked what the fish of the day was. They were OUT OF FISH! We were served the dried out leftovers. I complained to the manager and he said he couldn't do anything because we left the restaurant! I told him that we were in HIS PARKING LOT! I called the waitress a liar and explained that I would have been LIED to again had we addressed the issue while still inside.

I would have gone in, but hubby was already embarrased. I told the manager that the least he could do was offer to buy us a couple of drinks. He couldn't even do that. I lectured him for 10 minutes, but never went in because hubby was now driving us away.

I had no recourse, except to badmouth the restaurant for years - which, obviously I am still doing.
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I'm usually the cool calm one, whilst hubby will say EXACTLY what he thinks! I remember once in a restaurant in the Grand Canyon, he had to send his meal back three times as the meat was simply not cooked when it should have been medium-well done. The guy at the cash desk asked if we wanted to leave a tip and hubby said no as the meal was poor. The discussion went back and forth a bit and the guy said "well did you tell your server you weren't happy?" Hubby said he though she kinda got the idea when she had to take the food back three times. They offered us breakfast free the next day - but hubby was less than impressed by this time as the whole restaurant had been watching the discussion so he uttered the line that we remind him of to this day "I'd rather grub around in the undergrowth than eat here again". It managed to stop most activity in the restaurant!!

Sadly, it came back to haunt us the next day as daughter was injured by a metal spar left poking out of the end of the bed in the room and required stitches in her ankle. Although liability wasn't a problem, she did spend the rest of her holiday injured
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