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Thank you LDG!

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Laurie, aka LDG, is leaving her post as the moderator for the ferals and SOS forums. Laurie has been a wonderful mod here - helpful and knowledgeable and fun to be around. She is honorably discharged and gets a Veteran badge

Laurie, thank you for all you have done for TCS and you better come back often to post and let us all know how you're doing!
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Laurie, you will be missed, but you know that already! I sure hope you and Gary find a smooth path soon and all the craziness dies down. Keep doing what you are doing, being effective in your area for the ferals and the strays-

Please keep in touch with us-
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Laurie sorry to see you give your badge up because you gave me a lot of advice when i was introducing Rosie and Sophie

Please keep in touch!
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We'll miss you so much, Laurie! Thank you for all you've done for TCS and all you do in your part of the world! Please come visit us as often as you are able!
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Good bye Laurie, good luck and yes, by all means, please stay in touch!
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Laurie, you will be sorely missed in your role as moderator, but I know that this is certainly not the end of your tenure at TCS. Like Mary Anne, I hope you life reaches a good point of calmness that has been so lacking this past year.
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Laurie, I'm sorry that you've had to resign as a mod. I hope you find the time to share your considerable knowledge with us as much as possible. Best wishes!
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Please keep in touch, or else I will have to go to New Jersey and knock on every door until I find you , you did a wonderful job, and always will!
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Good luck for the future
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Awww Laurie, you will be missed as a mod.

But I do wish you all the best!!!!
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Best wishes! Thank you for your service.
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Definitly thanks for your wonderful term as a mod Laurie! Please do stay in touch!
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