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Trying to avoid Cancer!!!!!

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Heyy everyone....I was a stupid teenager who picked up the disgusting habit of smoking....blah..i thought i was immortal, my health was not a concern of mine....now i am nearly 24 and am starting to take a good look at my health....I quit all the other bad stuff...I try to eat healthier I dont drink or smoke pot..I exercise all the time...my only deamon left is a man named Philip Morris..I have tried to quit before like all smokers, and one time I almost made it a month but stressfull times coaxed me back......
I am thinking i want to quit again...not only for my health (though that is the most important part)..but also because i cant spare the 5$ daily for my habit..
So i guess i am asking for help.....if any of you were smokers and quit how did you do it......Cold turkey worked the best for me, but those darn withdrawls were miserable.......any ideas from you all would be great...anything from food to herbal to anything..I would really appreciate and suggestions....because of course my life depends on it......
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I gave up smokeing a long time ago 10 or 11 years something like that and I did it cold turky I belive it is the best way to go I tried a few times before I made it I found knitting , crochaying and cross stich very helpfull because the hardest thing for me was not haveing anything to do with my hands any more so I sucked on boiled lollies and mints and made lots of cool stuff

I know you can do it the most valuble tip I can give you is when you are stressed stay away from anyone you know who smokes and any where you can smell cigeret smoke and always have a bag of boiled sweets and mints on you good luck let me know how you go if you need to talk through a rough patch pm me ok
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ok i will thanx...... ...question???...do you still crave them???
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I gave up smoking a long time ago and still crave it. I forced myself to stop because it was bad for the people around me. Besides, it was staining my teeth!
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Yayi - I can't thank you enough for wanting and trying to quit. I suffered at the hands of other people's smoke - I had a cancerous tumour in my throat. I admire people who want to give up that nasty habit. I wish you all the very best with it, from the bottom of my heart! Do as Bridget says and keep your hands busy - my boyfriend decided to give up smoking because of now having 2 very young nieces and my son to think about - he never smokes around children, or myself, but he decided to give up because he needed his lungs to be able to race the kids! In his own words "I'd never be able to live down being beaten in a race by three kids all under 5." Congrats, and I really hope you succeed!
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My aunt, a former smoker is now a registered hypnotherapist. One of the reasons she became one was because when she tried to quit smoking hypnotherapy was the only thing that worked for her and helped control the cravings. She helps many people win over their smoking habits.
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After trying anything from patches to gum I went to the doctor and she prescribed Zyban...that was 5 years ago and I haven't smoked since. Good Luck!
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Recent Former Smoker here, Still not smoking and winning the battle one day at a time. Still doing the Zyban, which does help but honestly, I think you really have to want to quit, I am on my 3rd and last try. I will say it is not an easy road as I am sure you know. I am determined to make it this time, I am quitting now for alot of reasons. My mom passed away 2 years ago to lung cancer, she was a heavy smoker. We recently found out my cat has cancer, although I am not sure but I did smoke around him, so I will never really know if it was from second hand smoke. I have 2 kids who I love and want to be around for. I also don't want them to smoke. I also refuse to pay the price for them. All I can say is take it one day at a time, keep busy, avoid places where you associate smoking, clean out your car ( if you smoked in it). What I do is everytime I want to smoke I say ok your not going to, and I do something like walk around the block. I am lucky as no one in my house smokes so that does help. It is a tough habit as I had been smoking since I was 15 am now 37. Hope this helps, don't give up as you know it may take a couple of trys, but keep trying, you will kick the habit. Good luck and I wish you lots of luck, keep us informed with your progress.
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Good luck.

I've never smoked so don't know what you're going through first hand. But a friend of mine at work gave up - she'd been smoking 20+ years. She said that having the determination was the most important thing - if you're going at it half-hearted it's a recipe for disaster. I think she used some of that nicotine replacement gum early on but then stopped. She hasn't smoked for well over a year now and says she feels so much better for it.
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