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From a rescue list:


Hi! I am new to the board so am not too familiar with how it works. All I know is I have a cat outside my house that will not leave. She has been here for 4 days and none of the neighbors have ever seen her. She is hands down THE most affectionate cat you will ever know!

We just discovered that she is pregnant! (We think anyway). I cannot let her in the house because we have 3 dogs, one is a Chihuahua that is not too fond of cats! Plus my 2 small children and myself are SUPER allergic! Someone PLEASE tell me they can help this poor, sweet kitty!

It is freezing outside. (I have a sleeping bag outside but that's not much! I just love her so much but I cannot keep her! She is SOOOO loving! I am in Auburn, GA. Can anyone help me with my situation? Thanks so much for any help you can offer! My email is