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Hello fellow cat lovers. I have to write you all because people have got to be getting sick of me talking about my cats. Two days ago we got another kitty, our third one. My husaband said No," to a third cat so many times but this 4 month old sweetie needed a home...he had been abandoned 2 months ago along with momma and another kitten. My friend kept the momma and kitten and this kitten was given to another person. They all had their vet checks, etc. But anyway, my new kitten had stayed with this family a month and they decided they weren't cat people and they wanted to get rid of him right away. Isn't that sad? So my friend, the one with the momma and other kitten (they just love kitties) called frantically everyone she knew, hoping someone would take him in. Well, I figured the hubby would say no, we have two, perfectly happy cats. Well, when I explained the situation he said, Yes! with no hesitation. I was so happy as was my friend. So we now have a 3rd kitty, 4 month old Lewis...named after C. S. Lewis, who now joins Wallace (named after William Wallace) and Marcellus (named after the main character in the book, The Robe). I totally didn't wait like I should have, I had it all set up though...but I knew my kitties, and I thought I would go ahead and introduce them the same day (I know there is a better procedure and I recommend that as the experts suggest) but we live in a small home with a dog too and all of them were soooo nosey and there wasn't a hint of aggression so I slowly let them sniff the door as I did start him out in the bedroom by himself, all were excited and eager to meet so I slowly let them.... no agression at all ( I did spray some Feliway and did the vanilla thing). I have been so lucky this way. I know not all animals are not this easy going. They all accepted each other so quickly, I was amazed! I would guess it helped that he was still a kitten. They are all buddies and our new Lewis is sooo happy ...he plays and sleeps with Marcellus all the time and Wallace, I think he thinks he's the momma as he likes to groom our little Lewis. And the dog just sniffs and wags his tail...the kitties like to sniff him...and bat a paw once in awhile. Anyway, just had to share my joy with fellow cat lovers. I was so happy tonight as I came in the door, they all greeted me, even my little Lewis...tonight I just knew he is one of the gang.