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Well I am new to ebay because mainly we never had a credit card, although now I have a visa debit card which I love. I bought 2 cat trees on ebay with it, and just recieved the first one today! Neko was on it before we could even get it together, and now that it is together, they like it! Now, I thought that was cool, then I go look on ebay and guess what? I sold an item that I put up, my first and only item up for auction sold today! For almost double what I put it up for, which isn't a lot, but makes me excited! The other cat tree should be coming within the next couple days,and tomorrow I am sending out the item that was sold.

Ebay rocks! Thankfully I didn't go overboard and have only bought and bid on these two items. I will take a picture of the new cat tree later!
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woohooooooooo way to go chixyb i love ebay i got hooked on ebay for almost three years straight buying and selling but i have gave it a break for a while but i always like to look good luck and have fun
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Congrats on your purchase and your sale. Be warned: Ebay is addicting I love it! I got some of my hard-to-find x-mas gifts there this year.
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When I was on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy eBay saved us in buying baby goods. I got a top-of-the-line carseat that retails for 170 for 125 including shipping!
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Sweet... on the deal and the tree! I wanna get a tree for Bay... maybe I should check out eBay. Lol, that was sentence was kinda funny. Oh and congrats on selling something - I love how that feels!
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Beware of eBay!!! Step away from the keyboard! It is addicting!

Ok, so my feedback is sky high and I search ebay for something or another everyday, Don't buy or sell alot now adays, but it satisfies my need to window shop.
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