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New Craze

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Has anybody heard or seen heard of the new craze? I saw it when I was checking on the persian kitties at the the pet store in the mall.... The new craze is Hermit Crabs.... Everyone is buying them like crazy!! I picked a big one up that was still in its shell... And it's claws was moving back and forth like it was walking... I even seen a crab lose its pincher.

Have you heard of this new craze? Would you buy one for you or anybody else?
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Ack, I saw them when I was at Petco today! I used to have one, I think I was watching it for a friend because I don't remember much about it. Ugh...
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When we were getting ready to come home from a Florida vacation back about 1972, we spent a day making sure all our collected shells had no occupants!

I recall they were popular some years ago. I think I'll stick to kitty cats.
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I had one of those when I was little. It never came out of its shell and never did much of anything. They are pretty boring if you ask me. I don't like crazes involving living things. When the craze is over, what happens to them?
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My little cousin had a Hermit Crab once. He thought it was sick and the guy at the pet store told her to keep it in a warm place. Unfortunatly for the little crab she put it in the Microwave for a minute and nuked it!!! poor little crabbie!
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The only crabs I like are soft-shell, sauteed in butter and garlic...or perhaps Dungonness (sp) crabs boiled with lemon and drawn butter...YUM!
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Didn't know this was new....we've had several over the years, they can be a lot of fun (and they love peanut butter).

We found that the healthier ones came from a reputable pet store, buying one say at a non-pet store at the mall with a table of them, gives you a poor creature with mites, who's been living way overcrowded

We enjoyed getting them new shells to explore, and had a 10 gallon acquarium set up with heater and special lighting
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I had a friend who owned a hermit crab in college. And you can find them in the Cabrillo Tide Pools by the millions (little itsy bitsy ones). I'd never own one though. Too cold.
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When i was in... like 3rd grade i had a few of them... they are really easy to take care of... except when they grow out of their shells.. u have to buy them, or find them new ones... i think when we went on vacation once.. they died.. o well.. hehe..
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They had a booth of them in the center of the mall. The girls didn't like me when I told them there were to many crabs, not enough water or food for them in the enclosure. I told her if I had the money I would buy all of them and take them to the coast and let them loose in the bay! Ticks me off when mankind can't leave nature's critters alone!
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I'm kinda-sorta with you Hissy... but then again, there's lots of nature's critters that people keep as pets (fish, mice, lizards, birds). For me, I definitely draw the line on things that have to be kept in a cage or aquarium.
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Yeah they were a big thing here a few years back I was lucky my kids did not want them I'm not really a fan I don't think I would buy them for anyone else unless I knew they wanted one
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i loved my hermits!
i had 2... my mom was over joyed when they died on our vacation though.. my neighbor forgot to come over and feed them..
their names were... Kermit, and Ms. Piggy! lol.. although, we found out they were both males.. i dont know how u tell that?!
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Good grief! As a scuba diver, please, these creatures belong in the sea and not in your living room!
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Here at the beach, they're available for purchase all over the place. Didn't realize it was becoming a big thing?
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I haven't heard about this but when i was little i had a hermit crab and he
was so cute
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