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I survived!!

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Oh boy.. today was *not* fun. My wisdom tooth had been hurting me for a while but today it was so bad I had to leave work early. I was supposed to go in for a consultation tomorrow but I had them squeeze me in today and take that damn thing out. That sucker was huge!!! I'm glad they numbed me up good because I am *terrified* of the dentist. So now I am home chomping on gauze and enjoying the extra strength vicodin they gave me. haha

What would be some good food for me to eat? I haven't been able to chew much the past few days.. so I'm starving.

And soon I get to do this all over again with the other three.
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Yeah, going to the dentist sucks!
Well, at least it's over and now you can eat anything you want!
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I had all 4 taken out a couple of months ago, and they knocked me out for it, so it was no big deal! I ate mashed potatoes for the first day, but after that, I was good.
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My bf just had all 4 out the day before Thanksgiving and he still managed to eat turkey! I had all 4 of mine pulled last year and I had a pretty tough time, it took a week or so before I could eat. Mine were very impacted though. Both of us were put under with iv sedation though and had great pain pills after.
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I had all my wisdom teeth taken out at the same time too. Mashed potatoes or a creamy type of soup would be good foods to eat.
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*sigh* It's around 6 AM and I just woke up and it hurts so bad. Not even extra strength vicodin is working!! I don't know what to do.. it's just as painful as it was before it was pulled. Is that normal?

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Yes it is normal for there to be pain after. Just try to relax and take whatever the dentist perscribed for the pain. A hot or cold compress on the outside of your jaw may help as well.
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Heya sweetie - I know how it feels to be in so much pain with your wisdom teeth - unfortumately I'm STILL waiting to have my top two teeth taken out. It's gotten so bad now that I only have a half a wisdom tooth on each side. The waiting lists here are incredible. I could be waiting for some time.... anything mashed is good mashed potatos, mashed bananas, that sort of thing. Soup is great! I never was a soup person until I got into such a pain with these teeth. For a few days I was in agony and I discovered at that point that tea-cloths soaked in cold water in the fridge were also good to eat! OK, shred... but the idea was the same fortunately they gave me prescription painkillers and something to clear an infection that had gotten into the nerves, so now i'm completley pain free and can go back to eating things like crunchy apples. They've waited so long now that the nerves in each tooth have been exposed, and are now dead.... so although I've only got a half tooth on either side, I can't feel it anymore. What I can feel, is the sharp edges ulcerating the inside of my cheek. Not nice... man I'm so jealous of you getting yours taken away!! I'm terrified of the dentist too and I'm glad they decided that they'll sedate me when they take them out. So food.... well pretty much anything you like! As long as it's pureed of course mince and tatties is really good.... if you make it properly the mince goes really tender and the veggies are soft, so you'll still be getting a nice balanced meal with your mashed potatos. Personally I love crunchy veg, but as long as I'm getting the good stuff, I don't care how it comes. If I have to suck it through a straw, so be it.
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I'm not allowed to use a straw!!! hahaha Unfortunately, I only had one removed so I have to go through this all over again.

Atleast I know the pain will start to go away somewhat soon. lol Atleast I hope it will because this hurts so bad. I can't believe extra strength vicodin isn't helping. I thought that was supposed to be strong???

I feel so bad that yours are impacted. That must hurt very much. I was looking at a pamphlet in the waiting room and saw a drawing of a wisdom tooth impacted.. completely on it's side.... OUCH!!

There is a waiting list even if you are in severe pain? I was supposed to go today but my mom's best friend works at my regular dentist and called the oral surgeon and said how I came in in severe pain and had to be seen immediately. It worked! I had to wait a long time there but I was seen that day.

Well, goodluck. If it makes you feel any better the procedure wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I wish they had put me under though lol as I am so scared of the dentist. (When I was young I had a few cavaties filled without novacain so that traumatized me!!) I hope you are feeling better soon. And I hope I am too.
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