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Litter Beads

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Has anyone had any experience with Litter Beads? hey are those white silicon beads that soak up urine and leave feces to be picked up. What are the advantages of this stuff? Does it realy last a month? Is it really more sanitary? Any suggestions on how o get my cat used to the stuff?

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Originally posted by Meghan
Has anyone had any experience with Litter Beads? hey are those white silicon beads that soak up urine and leave feces to be picked up. What are the advantages of this stuff? Does it realy last a month? Is it really more sanitary? Any suggestions on how o get my cat used to the stuff?

I use something called Magic Scoop which consists of white silicon beads. It also soaks up the urine and the feces is left to be scooped up. I am a new cat owner (1 1/2 weeks) and we showed Max where the litter box was and he has always used it - never any accidents - so far.
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I have never used them, I know a breeder who is swearing by them now. She switched over completly about 4 months ago. She has 30 cats, so I guess it works well. You should try it but gradually mix the new with the old and it will be easier.
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I tried the litter beads and my cats started going outside the box. Besides, they are not all natural and not good for the environment. But, to each his own.
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Fergus is adjusting to the new litter beads, but I am not! They turn yellow and do not at all disguise odors. Yuck! Additionally, the cat thinks they are play-balls, so the entire kitchen is covered in litter beads. I think I'll go back to conventional clumping litter.
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We have used several different kinds of these litter beads, and I definitely like them. No dust when you change litterbox (a big plus for me because of allergies!), there won't be as much litter tracked out of the litterbox after use, and I think they look kind of cool (at least when they are new).
We bought them for the first time after Kitty had surgery, because we had to get rid of the clumping litter she had at the time. We had no problems with her adjusting to them (of course, at that point she might not have cared what was in her litterbox because she was home and not at the vet, I'm not sure).
As to whether or not they really last a month, that all depends on where you keep the litterbox. If it's in the bathroom, then no. It will only last about 3 weeks there, depending on the humidity (if you have a fan in the bathroom it might last a litle longer, though). Although we only have one cat, we set up 2 litterboxes for her (before her surgery for a bladder stone, she would go under my desk to go potty if she was at this end of the house. I couldn't get too mad at her, she couldn't help it because of the stone, so we put a box under the desk to make it easier for her. It's now in the kitchen, and she doesn't even use the one in the bathroom anymore, but she doesn't go anywhere else, so we don't complain). It usually lasts a month there.
If you do decide to use the crystals, don't buy them from the pet store, though. I was doing that, but after several months, I found that you can get them for a LOT less at Walmart.
I almost forgot, they did help with odor control. This might be because we only have one cat, I'm not sure.
Another thing I almost forgot (good thing my husband is around) is that there are a few things you need to remember to do with these. When you scoop the feces out, make sure you stir the litter beads up (especially if your cat likes to pee in the same spot of the litterbox). when you stir it up, this helps to distribute any wet spots to beads that can absorb the urine. It also extends the life of the beads. If you do this every day, this is what controls odors. I found this out one day by accident while cleaning out the litterbox.

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I thought about switching to the beads because a friend recommended them. Then her cat started going outside the box. I'm already having that problem with one of mine, so I figured that I didn't need an extra incentive for him to find alternate places to pee. I guess the beads are like all things cat: some will not miind but others will object. You have to try it out with your own cat and see.
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My cats didnt care for them, not to meantion,, I think they smelled worst than litter.. We didnt like the pine pellets either.. So far, I think Arm and hammer scoopable is the best by far
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My cats and I recently made the switch to the bead/crystal type litter without any problems. I like how it isn't dusty and I do think it cuts down on the smell.
Someone mentioned that it was bad for the environment, how so?
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well, i came here to ask the exact same question, and here it is already asked ^_^ my kitten has used the crystals since i've had her (not the beads but about the same idea.) i had noticed while kitty-sitting for other people that their clumping type litter didn't smell bad or look as bad as the crystals did. (and i happen to like that lemon fresh scent ^_^) perhaps its because the old urine won't come out? i really don't like the fact that i can't get the old urine out, even if it is in the silicone, it's still there and i can smell it when it builds up. isn't that a breeding ground for bacteria? (of course i'm sure it wouldn't get so bad if i wasn't such a lazy little college student... *huddles in embarassed ball*)
i'm wondering if i should switch, are the silicone litters really better or does it just seem that way because it's something new? are they really worth the extra money? i find myself completly changing the litter more than monthly.
also what about paw irritation? my kitty's always had issues with her paws, i wonder if the silicone is too hard on them. what do clumping litters do to paws?
and might i add that the crystals have bad dust, i dumped some in the box one night and kitty and i both ran out of the room hacking, it wasn't a pleasent feeling in our lungs.
ergh. well enough with my babbling, because the above said kitten is pushing things off of the top shelf in the closet.

ps-wouldn't cleaning litter-boxes be so much nicer if the kitty DIDN'T feel the need to use it while your in the middle of cleaning?!
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My cat's diabetic and needs 3 litterboxes all to himself just so we don't have any accidents (in case the Master does not deem the box clean enough to use!).

The clay was difficult on our allergies and would end up everywhere. The cedar pellets were good but it got expensive since we needed so much. We've found a good match with the crystals from Petsmart. They don't travel as far and in our experience, they've lasted longer. And they're cheaper.
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