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Early Christmas Present from Ophelia

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Seeing the post about Adelaide's vet appt. and wanting a lap cat reminded me of the wonderful present I got from Ophelia this weekend. Ophelia is a feral rescue that we took in as a little kitten, but she has maintained that feralness about her for her whole 5 years.

Anyway, I was sitting on the couch doing cross stitch and got up for something. Ophelia promptly jumping into my seat, and I asked her if we could share which she allowed for a bit. She got up and then totally surprised me when I picked up my stitching again...she sat in front of me asking if she could come up! Of course I invited her up, and she stayed all curled up and snuggled into my lap for ~3 hours!!! Oh, my heart was just beaming!!
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Thats wonderful! YAY Ophelia!!!
I can just imagine how happy you were! Give her some kisses and scritches from me please
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That is so special!!!
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Oh, this is beautiful, Heidi, your heart must be overflowing with joy! Ophelia, you're such a sweet baby!
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What a nice present, I hope she keeps that up!!
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Oh Heidi, your heart must have leapt for joy!!!! That is probably one of the most exciting presents you'll get - especially because it was so unexpected.
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That is AWESOME!!! i'm so happy for you! Kitty snugglies are the best!!!
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That is such a great present! Just when you think that you have them figured out they go and surprise you with something. Don't ya just love them!?!?!
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Awe. how sweet is that!! I am glad your baby is being sweet to you!
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How very lovely!
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Oh thats wounderfull Congratulations
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Awwww Heidi thats lovely
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That is such a warming present! I can imagine you are so happy!
It is lovely that Ophelia is showing her love and appreciation to you!
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That's wonderful news! You give me hope that my little girl Mama might pull through for me one day!
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Thanks everyone! It really was heartwarming, as well as lap warming. That little one never ceases to amaze me, she's been with us for a little over 5 years now, and is still making little leaps of faith from her feral beginning. She was little when she came to us, probably about 6 weeks old, and yet that feralness was so ingrained in her. Amy, you are so right - they always have little surprises up their paws! And to all of you with former ferals in your homes, never lose faith in them. They will continually surprise you even after being with you for years!
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