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Todays radio question: 12/21/04

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Todays question was more like a call in to wish who ever you wanted to a Merry Christmas.........SOOOO,

Who would YOU like to wish a Merry Christmas!!??
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If I were to call and wish anyone a Merry Christmas,that I don't already, it would be hissy, I do believe!
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Everyone! Merry Christmas guys!
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Calling all cat lovers: Merry Christmas!
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All of my friends right here!
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everyone on tcs !!
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All the cat lovers of this community of course!
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Merry Christmas Everybody!
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Everyone, Happy Holidays.
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A special one to Hissy...
and to everyone else here! Meowry Christmas
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Everyone. Have a Happy Christmas and may the new year be kind to you, your families and your furbabies.

Miaow from Tippy, Felicity and Adelaide.
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If I could wish anyone a Meowy Christmas.... It would be the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and also everyone and their kitlets here at TCS!!

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I would like all those without family (people and ferals) to have a Merry Christmas and know that someone is thinking of ya
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Originally Posted by babygirl

Oh, that is darling!!!
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Everyone here on the site!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous, Happy and healthy New Year!

Licks and Purrs from Tibby and Molly to all your furbabies!
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