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A stray????

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I mentioned in another post that I had a stray? cat in my backyard Sunday afternoon. I put out food and it was gone monday morn. We got 7-8 inches of snow yesterday & this am when I got up I did have kitty prints around the whole house and the other garage too-it was dark to I didn't see where they came from. I cleared an area underneath a bench and put of dish of food out this am. I'll check tonite to see if covered-we are to get blowing snow so I hope it doesn't get covered. If its gone then I'll know. Hopefully it won't be possums eating the cat food. I've also seen a black and white tomcat hang around-but not for a couple of months. I read the shelter tips-we have a row of mature spruce trees that cats like to sleep under (Tommy) The berm is right (and I mean right close) behind the trees ( about 10-12 trees) so it is really sheltered but I do happen to have materials to make a shelter as a cold snap is coming tonite-I think I'll put straw under the best possible tree. I'll still feed right by the house for a couple days and contact the local animal shelters too. I don't want my neighbor to shoot it.
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Shoot it?

What the hell is wrong with people?
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