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Hi I'm New Here!

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Just want to say hello and that I am a new cat owner. Or is it the other way around ???

Well anyway I am a dude from USA. I found a almost feral 3-4 week old kitten IN THE PROCESS of being abandonned by its stupid owner! I rescued the cuti-pie out of a trash filled shopping cart. I witnessed the whole drop off. It was a little inner-city boy. He dropped her behind a supermarket then tried to take off. The little kitty was crying for him to come back. She was so scared of the awful place but she just started to forage like a feral cat at 3-4 weeks old!

I questioned the little idiot kid. He said that its siblings all died and the mother was still at home. He even tried to get $10 bucks (USD) off of me. I just walked away from him and got a box from the store owner and took her home. She was COVERED in fleas! After a long couple of months battle with those little nasties I am proud to say that I have a flea free house and beautiful Calico kitten. I've always dreamed of having a cat but was afraid to make the move due to being a previous dog owner and that my wife is SUPPOSEDLY allergic (Note: Its the saliva NOT the dander as once thought!).

She is about 5 months old now. She is so smart. She took to a pet cage as if she was born in it. She "knows" that when we go out to get into it. She "knows" about the cages swing door! She can open and close it. Can't figure that one out because she was only 3-4 weeks old when I found her. She plays hard with her cat toys. She watches TV like a human, looks at her reflection in mirrors (maybe she thinks its another cat), goes nuts over watching birds and squirrels out of the window (chatters wierdly), walks on our tummies or our sides in the morning to wake us up, greets us when we come home - wants to touch noses, reminds us with a claw-filled swat on our hands while we are typing on PC that its time to feed kitty (3 times a day like clockwork), interrupts telephone conversations, licks our hands and feet while working, etc. etc.

We gave her a very complex name which she actually responds to: kitty! Original huh? She loves to play laser dot with us but the smart thing finally figured out that the dot is ACTUALLY coming from US and not a liitle red animal flying around the house. She has figured out how to open ajar doors and cabinets. She can work out strategies how to outwit us when we block off the living room where all of the dangerous plants and delicate vases are. She's trying to jump on the keyboard now! She is really too darn smart for her own good! They say cats are just below pigs and dolphins in animal smarts.

I've done a lot of research on cats. So I might be able to offer some advice on things. Feel free to ask. My email is in my profile. Just take out NOSPAM if its in my email address or it wont work right.


Fall 2004 (1 month old)

Winter 2004 (4 months old)
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Welcome to the site! Kitty sure is a pretty little girl, and boy she sounds smart like my Ophelia! Ophelia did many of the same things as a kitten, and I've always said that if they could translate quaantum physics into "Meow" she'd be all over it! LOL

I split your post into your own thread so you could get your own official Cat Site Welcome.
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Welcome to TCS and THANK YOU for resuing Kitty! People from Connecticut are GREAT! (That's where I'm originally from ).

As for that little kid: Grrrrrrr

Kitty is absolutely beautiful!!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Hi and welcome! I'm glad you found us... Kitty sure is beautiful!
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Hi Spooky and Kitty! Welcome to the site!
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Welcome. She is a beautiful little girl. Sounds like she has you wrapped around her paw already.

This is a wonderful site - you will love it here.
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Hi, welcome to TCS!So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your baby is so beautiful, and such a smart, sweet little girl! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hi and welcome to the site! Kitty is a cutie.
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Welcome, Spooky and Kitty! What a wonderful person you are to rescue her!

So Kitty is kennel-trained? I've never heard of people doing that with cats.
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Welcome to the site

Thats so awful what that kid did.
Im so glad you took him in
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Sorry her!!!

SHe looks so beautiful!!!

she does the same face expression as teufel!
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
Welcome, Spooky and Kitty! What a wonderful person you are to rescue her!

So Kitty is kennel-trained? I've never heard of people doing that with cats.
Thanks all for all of the nice welcomes...

I don't know if she was in a kennel. But when I bought the cage from Wal-Mart I thought we would have to train her how to go in. Lo and behold she knew what to do with it as soon as I put it down on the floor. When she thought we were going out she walks up to it, paws open the half ajar cage door goes in and lays down. WE NEVER showed her that!

She also did the same thing with the kitty litter box. No training. She knew how to use it! Even covering up her scat (so that predators can't track her). We think she might NOT have been a feral or from a bad home. Her mom might have had her in a pet carrier and may have witnessed mom using a litter box. The stupid kid was not really a "stupid" kid per se. He just did something very stupid. He seemed like a bright thinking kid albeit an obvious animal hater.

KITTY has taken over the house like an alpha female. We are her fur-less beta cats. Well, I learned some cat communications and she responds like I am an alpha male. When we stare at each other I will close both eyes or look away so she doesn't think I am mad or agressive. She'll run away if I get too loud. When we play I let her touch my nose with her paw. It seems to be some sort of cat bonding manuever. When I come home I get down on all fours or pick her up so we can touch noses. She does it without asking. Touching noses is also a cat communication.

When petting her you have to know when enough is enough. I guess when the petting gets annoying after too long because you will get a playful bite or swat to tell you to stop. She will sometimes fall on her back and expose her belly to show she trusts us. We can make her meow at meal time by meowing at her and she responds as if to say: "Yeah OK meow already! Feed me now!". When her water, milk, or food is too cold or displeasing to her she rubs her front paw on the little carpet where her bowl sits on. When she is through doing her business she wipes her front paws off on the edge of the litter box. She likes to participate in the litter box cleaning as if she is supervising the nasty task. She loves attacking the metal scooping spoon while we are trying to use it.

She will only sleep on our bed for a few hours with us a night. For some reason she decides to get up and go UNDER the bed. Maybe we snore too loud, move too much, or something. She has her own round furry kitty bed in the den. Sometimes she gets a burst of energy at night you can not control. She runs all over the house like a rocket doing flips off of the wall and darting at us. She calms down after awhile and then looks out of the window at the squirrels and crows. If only she knew that those animals KNOW how to defend themselves she wouldn't be so anxious to get outside. I've seen crows and blue jays defend themselves against cats. Kitty is not a good tree climber yet either. She has no nerve for the high trees. However, she loves to climb in the house. You can temp her out of a tree with food. She loves chicken. A birder!

She has a bunch of toys that she hides and knows exactly where they are. She has a mechanical mouse, a stuffed cat, a feather on a stick, several balls, etc. I wish I had a electronic cat finder when she goes hiding in the house somewhere. We have to over turn everything to find her. She will come out after a lot of calling and begging for her to reveal herself. The laser dot method has worn off its appeal to her as the reflections off of the hard wood floor to the walls catch her attention and she wont focus on the main red dot. She'll just sit there turning her head spotting all of the reflection dots. She has a very short attention span, like me.

Oh and finally she was a crazy meow she makes when she wants us to open the blinds to the window. It's like "Get over her and pull these blinds up so I can watch those tasty animals outside!". If we don't respond fast enough she will paw the blind (self-retracting shade) until it rolls up on its own a little. Sometimes its not enough and she wants the window opened too. We had to rescue her once when she found a way through our son's second floor bedroom window. She was dangling on the OUTSIDE of the window 2 stories up. My wife had to pull her back in before she fell.

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Welcome to TCS !!
Kitty is gorgeous and you are such a caring person to rescue her
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