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Canned Chicken

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Okay. Meish is just too finiky and won't touch canned cat food. So I was giving her tuna... but only occasionally.

Now I just got canned chicken breast in water... would this be better for her? She does just about anything for chicken (including walking her on back legs a few steps to get it)... what do ya'll think?
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The most impoertant hting is does it have additives? Especially salt? That is all no,no. Why don't you just give her plain boiled chicken, you can buy it in bulk, cook it and put it in the freezer in small amounts. I used to do that for my Sheba who had kidney trouble and could only eat white meat.
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Thanks for the idea. We don't give her the chicken too frequently... she's a little porkey.
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I agree with Jenny, best to just make your own. Even packed in water, I'd bet the sodium level is higher than if you just boil some up plain yourself
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Beth, Sasha LOVES chicken. I bake it, drain every ounce of oil, and make sure the skin is off and then cut it from the bone, so no salt or additives. He loves it! I keep it fozen in little packs to take down as treats.....
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LOL. Last night I made chicken soup and after I cooked the breasts in stock I cut half of one and gave Meish a few little strips. It might be mean but I like making her beg for the chicken (only a few pieces though, then I break down and give her a little plate). After she ate hers she started begging her daddy for some. She was ADORABLE. She stood with her head peaking between his legs and would rest her head on the inside of his thigh then look up at him backwards. She's too funny when it comes to chicken.
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