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My girls had Christmas early

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Well... It really sucked. We had been planning on spoiling the girls when we got our paychecks (if we had enough extra). Yesterday we got paid, we had enough,so we took out time from home and ran to walmart.

We got the girls an 8ft cat tree. We got them each little giftpacks with toys and stuff. I felt horrible out spending money on cats while my Myth isn't home. Myth got her Christmas gift a week ago. She got this thingy that cats can brush themselves with (she is a sucker for a human with a brush). I felt so bad looking at gifts because when I would try to imagine them all playing with the stuff, there was a question mark by Myth's face in my mind cuz she's missing right now.

But, back to the happy part. We put up the cat tree, while we were assembling it Nyght found us and ran up it. We had to have someone hold her while we put it together. She wanted to play NOW!!!!! Who cares if it fell down while she was running up it, she wanted to play. We got it up, and went to bed. We listened to them play on it, then the little toys with bells and rattles inside we heard being batted all over our bedroom. When I woke up this morning, Rage was sleeping on the top platform, and Shade was batting around a ball with rattles in it. It's hanging on a string. She'll get it down eventually, it's not a strong string either, I broke it a few times trying to tie it. lol I am shocked it isn't broke off yet.

Hubby and I both agreed that MyRage wanted a tall cat tree like that for a long time. If she would have told us sooner we would have gotten it for her. As it is... Shade asked for it I guess that Shade will have to share with her mamacat. I got pictures, but for some reason I can't upload stuff now. It's gotta be my firewall. I'll figure it out later.

I was just so excited about finally getting a BIG cat tree I had to share. Especialy since the girls reacted so positively to it. Now I want a few more, on for each room. The cats need their own furniture to claw where ever we are. One day I figure my house will be 1/2 cat and 1/2 human furniture.
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That's cool... lucky cats! I'd love to get my cat a cat tree... perhaps one day!
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Sounds like happy kitties!
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I had bought a 68" cat condo before Thanksgiving and it was an early Christmas gift for my cats. I'm glad I bought it for them because they use it A LOT!!

Here's a picture of the one I bought.

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TIA that iswonderful! I have been soo busy I barely had time to order Sasha's Christmas dinner from Pat. And your kitties so ROCK - what a MAMA!!!!!

Charlotte--- who is that adorable tabby kitten??????
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Wow!!!!! That looks so much cooler then the one I got... is any one Spoiled?

LOL We want to get another one. We would also like to build one, but just never have the time.
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I want one for my cats! But how do you keep small children off of it? My youngest son plays with the kitten all the time, so he'd think it was for him too.
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Charlotte--- who is that adorable tabby kitten??????
The gray/brown torti tabby kitten on top is Izzie. She's Charlotte new buddy that I adopted in October. Izzie turns 4 months old on December 26th!! And yes, they are super spoiled!!! Is there any other kind of cat? hehe
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