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Place to live: Mountains or Beach?
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Beach! Definatly!

VHS or DVDs?
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cream cheese or cottage cheese?
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Originally Posted by mferr84

cream cheese or cottage cheese?
cream cheese

ignored or rejected?
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tough one! I guess I'd rather be ignored than rejected, but either one....

Pink or blue
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supermarket or corner store
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supermarket, cause it's less than half a mile away!

dark chocolate or light chocolate?
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motorbikes or horse back
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had a horrible experience with a horse, so.........motorbike

for meat: grocery store or butcher shop?
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If there's a dinner party, I'd go to the butcher's to get that special cut. Grocery store to stock up on meat.
short or long fingernails?
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wine: red or white?
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soup or salad?
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tall or short?
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morning or night?
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12 oz can or 20 oz bottle drink
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20 oz bottle drink, so I can pour it over crushed ice and save some for later

Siamese or Persain kitties?
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Persian kitties for me.

Fur Pics of The Cat Lounge?
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Cat Lounge

Coke or Pepsi?
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PEPSI...PEPSI PEPSI (even if they do sponsor jeff Gordon)

Jeff Gordon, or Dale Jr?
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Dale Jr.

Short Haired or Long Haired Cats
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short- haired

pen or pencil?
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e-mail or snail mail?
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coffee or tea
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Heathcliff or Garfield?
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breakfast or dinner? (I'm hungry!)
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Roses or carnations?
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Roses but I really prefer lillies

Baseball or football?
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Trees or Bushes?
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Caviar or Pate de fois gras?
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Original Book or Movie Novel?
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