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With Cheese

Sweet or Savoury snacks
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Sweet steaks, I had a 16oz. Brown Sugar rib-eye for my birthday, and for lunch the next day

rock, paper or scissors?
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silver or gold?
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can I pick both?! If not, um....gold!

Post Reply or Quick Reply?
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Post reply

giggle or laugh?
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study or play?
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Coffe or Tea?
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right now, I would have to say Tea!

pencil or pen?
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CupCakes or Twinkies?
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lillies or roses?
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bar soap or shower gel?
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Shower Gel!

Skiing or The Beach?
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the beach(never been skiing)

hard-wood floors or carpeting?
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I have carpet but would love to be able to afford to rip it all out and have hardwood floors.

Jello or pudding?
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jello... good idea, i think i am gunna go make some

soda from a can or from a bottle??
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butter or margarine?
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recycle or not?
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Originally Posted by batgirl2good

recycle or not?
Oh, absolutely!

chicken or fish?
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47

butter or margarine?

oops! we replied at the same time!!
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cereal or toast?
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soda in a can or soda in a bottle?
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glass bottle

whiskers or toe tufts?
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what are toe tufts? I'll have to say whiskers!

December or January?
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long hair or short?
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full bloom rose or rose bud?
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Long (but when my hair is long I want it short and vice versa!!)

Long finger nails or short
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Doh! Missed it

Rose Bud

Shoes or trainers
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short nails and shoes

dinner in or dinner out?
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receiving emails or letters
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dinner out

cat or dog?
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