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depends what day you ask me, and having had both recently I can't choose!

lasagna or shepherd's pie
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lasagna....never tired shepard's pie but i would only pass lasagna up for shirmp!

swim in a pool or the ocean?
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car trip or train trip?
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car trip

straight or curly hair?
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comedy or drama?
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legal dramas specially

cautious or rash?
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rash unfortunatly

listener or talker?
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optimist or pessimist?
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optimist!! Can you tell?!

left or right handed?
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beach or mountains
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desert or rain forest?
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rain forest, IF i had ro choose

chocolate or caramel?
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smoking or nonsmoking?
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beer or wine?
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long or short fingernails?
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Short. I always end up scratching someone or myself. And when my nails are long they break very easily.

Velvet or satin?
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Carebears or beanie babies?
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beanie babies

comedy or drama?
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bulky PC monitor or flat screen PC monitor?
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flat screen

southern or northern states?
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sweet tea or unsweetened tea?
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Sweet tea all the way!

Winter or Summer?
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summer for sure!!!

mp3's or cd player?
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Cd player, since i don't really know what a mp3 is, i have been trying to get my dad to explain it. (im pathetic lol)

Hot choclate or Coffee?
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Coffee!! I don't think I'd be able to survive without it.
Besides.. I don't like chocolate.

Going out to the movies or staying in and watching from the couch?
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Definitely staying in and watching from the couch!!!

Blue eyes or Brown eyes?
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blue eyes

small dogs or huge dogs?
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huge dogs

mountain climbing or boogie boarding?
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mountain climbing

Rain or Snow
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hot fudge sundae or hot caramel sundae?
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