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oooowww hard one.... well Ice tea (sweet)

panty hoes or bare skin
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Bare Skin!

Sandals or closed shoes?
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Boths Frannie! I love boths ´cause the hot of here are necesary!

Bizet or Chopin?...
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jerry springer or Maury
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I´m so sorry Tanya I don´t know who are they...... in that case the question I believe some Girl could answer you...

Ford or GMC....( for a truck!)...
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Cooked or raw carrots?
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cooked now (was raw as a child)

taco or burrito?
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hard decision Jilly! I think depends how deep is your hungry....
my answer is .....BOTHS!

Black Shirts or White Shirts.....( to wear to go out.....)
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swimming pool or beach?
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cell phone of regular phone?
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Cell Phone

Hamburger or Hot Dog?
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coke or pepsi
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night or day?
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red hair or blonde?
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Regular Chips or Flavoured (Ketchup, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar ect.)?
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Movies or Tv?
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microwave or oven?
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computer or TV
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computer...can't imagine life with my daily dose of TCS!

Ice cream flavor:
chocolate chip mint or cookies and cream?
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It is chocolate chip, mint, or cookies and cream? Or chocolate chip mint and cookies and cream? Anyway I chose chocolate chip for the first one, and cookies and cream for the second.

TV Shows or movies?
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Coffee or Tea?
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Chicken or Steak
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football or soccer?
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Football all the way!!!!!!!!!

Summer or Winter?
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vcr or dvd
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horses or rabbits
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truck or van
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Truck....I've always wanted a pick-up....Dodge Ram 1500, baby

Water or Juice?
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normal tires or Low profile tires
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normal Tires.... ( the others some kind of expesives! ...)

Mango or Banana?
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