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What do I do?

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I have a feral cat at home...here is the story.

2 years ago, my boyfriend gave me a cat for Christmas. The cat seemed freidnly and gentle when it was in the shelter, but when we got it home, it was very scared and didn't like humans at all. It slept under my bed for a year and a half. I provided it with high quality food, a pristine litter box and tons of different types of toys. I would often try to coax the cat out from under the bed with cat treats and little toys. I would talk gently to it and try to pet it as much as it would let me...but it very obviously didn't want to be touched.
My boyfriend called the shelter and told them about the cat's behavior. they told him that the cat was found outside and was likely feral. That cat cried at the window every night. When I would walk into my bedroom, the cat would freak out and run under my bed.
My boyfriend opened the screen door and let the cat out and we didn't see it for months. I was very upset with him. (I don't think letting cats outdoors is right).
About 6 months later, I adopted another cat and so did my boyfriend. We decided to move in together. Before the big move, the feral cat appeared. We took her with us. 3 cats in out apt. now.
This month, my boyfriend and I are splitting up. He is moving to CT and I am moving home to help take care of my sick mother. There, I will have a dog, 3 hampsters and a guinea pig. My boyfriend is taking the two adopted cats (that are very friendly) and I am left to either find a home for this feral cat or take it home.
What do you suggest I do?
Take the cat home and let her live "undetected" in my house?
Take her home, keep her inside for a while, and then let her be an indoor/outdoor cat?
Give her to a shelter? (Which totally breaks my heart)
Cat barn?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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It doesn't sound like this cat can live undetected in your mom's house. It sounds like you are going to have your hands full caring for your mom. Feral cats don't usually do well when their routine is messed up and you may not have the time to invest in this cat's care, such as keeping her confined in a room for at least 30 days prior to her getting out again. If there is a neighbor with a barn near you, that would be the best bet. The space at your mom's home is likely to be cramped. Another alternative is to see if there is a feed store near you, if they might want a shop cat? Or perhaps another merchant in the area might be willing to adopt this one?
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Yes, Hissy...I know what you are saying.

I'm fortunate that the house is a 4 bedroom colonial...and she can live in one room of th ehouse for a while, but I am a full time elementary school teacher and commute an hour and a half to and from work. That puts me out of the house from 5am-6:30 pm. The rest of the time I am at home I am taking care of my caged animals (I am maticulous about cleaning their cages) and taking care of my 9 year old nephew who is living with my mom and dad (laundry/homework/etc)...

...giving her away just breaks my heart...but I want to do the best for her.
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Though it seems you love this kitty, it seems you won't have enough time to care for her properly. Ferals make great pets, but they require time in order to earn their trust. If you do end up adopting out this kitty as a pet as opposed to a barn cat or shop cat, unless the person you find is familiar with ferals, please refer them to this forum!

And one last thought... if you do end up surrendering her to a shelter, please ensure that it is a "no kill" shelter and that they do NOT euthanize ferals. Many shelters bill themselves as "no kill" even though they euthanize animals they deem not to be "adoptable."

Thank you for caring for this kitty, and trying to the best by her!
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