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Urinating on my bed... help!

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Ok, if anyone has any ideas please help me! I'll make this as brief as possible. I've had my cat for about 2.5 years. She's an all indoor cat with no claws front and back. I don't know her history, she was this way when I adopted her through and Animal Aid. She was the best thing for about a year, then she started peeing on my bed. I immediately took her in to the vet, they diagnosed her with a UTI. I gave her medicine after medicine when nothing seemed to work. I felt so bad because she was constantly drugged and was not herself for months. After spending over $1,000 on medicines, tests, and visits, I couldn't afford it anymore. I stopped going to the vet and instantly she stopped peeing on my bed and was back to herself. Well things went on for another year just great and it made me really suspicious of the vet I went to. Then suddendly she started urinating on my bed again! This time she did it right in front of me. And what I noticed was that she did it when I left town or came home late. Now I knew it was out of spite. Months later I've moved into a new place and left my roommate. She is now peeing on my bed again months later and I am thinking it's because of the adjustment. I have no idea what to do. She has urinated on my bed 5 times since I've lived here for 1.5 months. I am tired of going to the laundrymat. It is always on my bed. Is it an attention thing? Is it a UTI again? Help! My patience level is wearing thin. A couple of suggestions was to put her in a cage if I'm gone and only let her out while I'm home. That doesn't seem to matter, she sneaks into the bedroom when I'm home too. She is in the bathroom now with food, water, and her litterbox for the night.
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I dont know too much about your problem but I think it is a good idea to keep her in a small space while you are not home. Also could you close your bedroom door and not let her in there at all? The smell could have gotton right into the mattress as well and she keeps going back.That would be hard to get rid of. More experienced people will be posting soon to help you out. Good luck.
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And like you I took her to the vet and had a bunch of expensive tests run and they never found anything concrete to pin it on. She would pee on our bed when I would shut the door, thus not giving her access to the room during the day, if we left for a few hours, or is she felt peeved for some reason. I finally got tired of giving my washer a workout and I went and ordered a king size rubber sheet and put that over my bedding every day. It was easy to clean up after, and the smell doesn't linger, of course it looked like heck but I didn't care as long as it worked. Then one day, she stopped, and I stowed the sheet away. I don't know why she stopped, nor why she had started, but she is the smartest of all my cats and actually holds grudges......
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Well last night she stayed in the bathroom all night with food, water, and her litterbox. She was very upset when I let her out this morning. I closed my bedroom door and turned up the cushions on the couch just in case. She is out to roam free today while I'm at work but tonight she'll go back in the bathroom. She is banned from the bedroom. She's dying to get back in there. Probably to pee again. I guess I'll try this for awhile. In the meantime I think I may go invest in a rubber sheet too. Thanks.
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I have the same problem with my cat Chloe. We found Chloe badley beaten up and malnurished in our neighborhood. She is in constant need of attention. Her first indidence of peeing on my bed is as follows...She came into the room in the morning to wake me. When I would not get up she began knocking things off my dresser. When I yelled at her about that she jumped up on my bed and peed on me! She does this when I am out late as well. It had stopped for a while because she had a litter. Now she is fixed and has become very standoffish. She growls at her kittens and has began peeing on the bed again. I try to play with her and pet her but as soon as Spell and Althea come over she gets angry and runs away. I don't know what to do. I can not shut my bedroom door. I live in a very old house and the door frame is angular. I have a chain lock but she manages to squeaze through. Where do you purchase the rubber sheet?
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You can also try spraying the room heavily with citrus scented sprays. Sounds like you have one very jealous thinking cat on your hands. Though I hope you have taken her to a vet to have a work-up just to be safe?
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Might I also mention that Chloe behavior (growling and peeing) has escalated since the unexpected death of Abby on September 18th. Abby was her daughter and they really liked to play with one another.
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I would check for the UTI. These things can come back so if she's had it before she might have it again. Try another vet if you don't trust the first one.

You may also want to try Feliway. It's supposed to do wonders in cases of urinations as marking behavior. Have you read this article on the site?:

You can find a link to buy Feliway in that article.
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Thanks for replying. I have taken her to the vet. She has been checked for everything. Like piffert24's cat nothing works. Maybe the rubber sheet will! I hope that we can work through her jealousy.
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I don't think that she is spraying as she has recently been fixed and the amount of urine does not suggest this. Also she tends to go under the comforter to pee. Maybe so I don't find out until I get into bed. Sneaky. I have to take her again this week for annual shots so I'll try the UTI meds again. However, if it was a UTI wouldn't you expect sudden and frequent urination. I would expect to find evidence elswhere in the house. Any suggestions as how to calm her jealousy or deal with her grievance over the death of Abby?
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do you know the name of the hospital supply company. i have called a few and they don't have rubber sheets.
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I ordered mine from Providence Hospital Supply when we lived in Alaska. Unfortunately, a few years later they went out of business. You might try calling a local convalescent hospital and asking them where you can buy one locally. I did an internet search for you, but yuckily I got into some nasty sites instead of helpful ones. I may still have mine tucked away in the attic, if you would like me to look and see, let me know? It will take me to the weekend to get up there and go through the boxes and stuff but if I have it, I would be happy to send it on to you if you like
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I had this same problem with my Siamese. Luckily I found out her problem after the 3-4 time she did it.

First and most important, take kitty to a vet you trust. You must rule out the possiblity of another UTI or a kidney problem. This can be done with simple blood work.

It could also be really simple solution to any of these:
1) Kitty doesn't like the litter. I use Arm & Hammer clumping unscented. (Mine has skin allergy)

2) Litter box is not clean enough for kitty. Try cleaning it out every morning or evening. Make sure that you sanitize the box every so often...I do mine once a month --usually with the running out of the large box of litter-- I sanitize w/bleach and cold water soaking for about ten minutes then rinsing really really well with hot water.
Hot water stops the bleach.

3) She simply could be trying to get your attention. Give her some "quality" time both am and pm. Even if it is just ten minutes in the morning. Mine love this. They get petting while Mom drinks her coffee and watches the news.

My cat didn't like the very noisy apartment we had moved to which was also alot smaller. Buses, motorcyles and car noises had really stressed her out. If this is the case and you don't want to move the doc can prescribe her a anti-depresent or something to keep her calmer. another tip - most times it is cheaper to get the "scrip" filled at your local pharmacy than paying the vet for the pills directly.

I had bleached my comforter and cut up large garbage bags to keep them off the bed. It worked. Bleach killed the scent in the sheets and comforter. You might want to try a mild solution of it mixed w/water and spray your mattress or try Resolve carpet cleaner in a pump and spray your mattress. Both have worked. (one pooped on my carpet once, Resolve took scent out/or Simple Green - nat. deodorant.)

Luckily for me I was in that apart. temporarily. Now kitty is very happy in the country and the problem has stopped.

It requires patience. Cats are notoriously clean animals. If they are doing this it means they aren't happy. They are trying to get your attention. Now your job is trying to figure out what makes her unhappy. It took me months to figure it out. YOu mentioned you moved and no longer have a roomie. Maybe she is unhappy with the move and doesn't understand the loss of the other human who may have provided her with xtra attention. She will adjust to both. Give her XXs.

Hope I helped.
PS If you live in NJ I can give you the name of a trauma center w/a feline specialist and the doc I use in my neighborhood. Both are excellent. Plus, I have my ole vet in SI, NY. You can email me directly at
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Some cats have a problem with adjusting to new enviroments, having the owners away for a certain amount of time, dirty litter boxes and very commen a simple behavior problem I'm not sure witch of these your cat might have because the signs are very much a like observe your cat's behavior and see what might be the cause the signs often surface when the cat is just moving around the house
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That is why I typed such a long response. Sometimes the simplest of behaviorial problems/solutions can be overlooked when you're in the situation.

My poor little siamese had that problem plus a skin allergy that was misdiagnosed. I had a hard time letting her know I was displeased w/bed urinating because her skin was so raw -- scratching til she bleed.

But w/patience and TLC I figured it out. Sometimes us humans can really be slow.
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My cat does the same thing only worse. She will come in the room, either pee on the bed or on a shirt of mine! I am a very clean person and there is no excuse for this! She even came up on the bed once and sprayed me like a tom cat--can you beat that? I didn't know female cats were capable fo this behavior!

When we first got her, I was out of work and I spent all day with her. Well, 3 years later, my wife and I both work full time. Is jealous of ym wife or what?

No UTI as confirmed by vet--just one nasty cat!!!!

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Dave...your cat is telling you (and your wife) that you are hers!!! Basically, her spraying you is the cat's way of claiming you all to herself! So, you should be honored that she loves you so much.
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Hi Dave,

She could be a little jealous. Especially since there is another female in the house competing for your attention...she is used to having you to herself!! Women -- marking our territory.

Anyway as I posted earlier, try giving her some attention -- lap time just the two of you. I give mine some time while I drink my coffee and watch the am news. I stretch out on the couch and pet them and even if they ignore me ... it is "their" time.

You might want to have your wife spend some time with the kitty. Buy her a few 'nip' toys to play with...have your wife give them to her as well. Hopefully, she will come around.

Right now she is getting attention --even if it is from a repremand (sp?)-- it is still attention. Try some positive stuff, so she knows she is loved too.

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I have no clue to why she is doing that. You can try this... I have a friend that has a kitty with a problem of pooping on her bed.I gave her some Avon Skin-So-Soft in a spray bottle. Its half water & half Skin-So-Soft. She sprayed her bed spread & he has quit going to that spot. He has Diabetes and has a problem with his bowels. He gets confused & just goes anywhere.. She swares by the Avon Skin-So-Soft. Worth a try. Good luck
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I had the same problem.Jasmines accidents where happening on my bed.
Nothing like coming home from work at 12 midnight and getting into bed and rolling over into a wet spot or like you said a couple of weeks ago right in front of me, right back to the vet.200.oo ultra sound showing us what the urine test where showing. Crystals in her are the cystals causing the infection or is the infection causing the crystals?? we dont't know she,s been on an antibiotic for
a week now,7 weeks to go and so far no accidents ,but there still are times i think it's behavioral.
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Maybe it is because the smell is in your mattress. When we lived in apartments, Aramis would urinate all over the floor in one particular area (even though I would clean the carpet well everytime). Now that we've moved into the house with brand new carpet and pad, she hasn't peed anywhere but the litter box since! I'm not quite sure how you would get the smell out of the mattress, though.
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Is there any way to get the smell out of a matress? I use almost a whole bottle of Nature's Miracle every time Chloe pees on the bed. I can't smell it but maybe she can. I am at my whits end with her. I try and try. Sometimes she will let me play and pet with her but lately she justs wants to be left alone. I also don't understand her sudden aggression towards her kittens. Could this be in response to Abby (her seemingly favorite kitten) passing away 2 weeks ago? If so how do I comfort her? Dave, how far into Jersey is that vet? I live near Philly.

It's great to know that I am not alone in my dilema. Thanks everyone.

Hissy, I may take you up on that offer. I am making some calls and will let you know Monday. Thanks!
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Thanks for the advice everyone I appreciate it. When you're at your ropes end with a cat it's hard to find an immediate solution because there really isn't one. So living with an unpredictable cat is a sure way to test a person's patience! I called an animal behavioral specialist and am considering seeking advice from her. She is quite expensive but she comes to your home, evaluates your cat and your living situation. That way she can see it for herself. Then you can call her as many times as you want to continue follow-up advice or concerns after your initial visit. Yes I could take her to the vet again but I honestly can't afford to at this time. Spending over $1,000 on vet pills, UTI tests, blood tests, shots, emergency room visits due to allergic reactions... I can't do it anymore. Besides, I know she's doing it because she's stressed and unhappy, not because she is sick. Yes I do think it is the roommate situation, new apartment... cats around the back door. She doesn't feel comfortable. I just don't know what to do to make her feel better. I have banned her from my room, moved her catbox into the bathroom, and keep her out of my room at night. She can't go in there anytime of the day for any amount of time until I can trust her again. When I am ready to let her back into the room I may go get a rubber sheet. Hey another option I was just thinking of was going to a hardware store and getting some plastic of some sort to just lay over the entire bed. Kind of like those painting drops you use when you paint your house? My cat doesn't have claws in the front or back so the thickness doesn't really matter for my scenario. Maybe you need a rubber sheet with a cat who has claws. Good luck Chloe. It's no fun huh? Sigh. Cheers to better days and no pee in our beds!
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I did use the plastic sheets when my kitty was peeing on my bed. What I did was get two large garbage bags, cut them in half so they would be flat and spread them across my bed. I duct taped several together since I have a king-sized bed. I bought a water proof mattress pad on sale and put that on under the sheets. Worked well.

I have a couple of ideas re the smell in the mattress that only the kitty can smell:

I swear by bleach and cold water. Put in a spray bottle (old windex bottle or the like) and spray your mattress well and let it dry. No one is going to see the mattress pad so it doesn't matter if it fades the color or you can by a mattress pad that holds the whole mattress all way around...domestications catalog.] You only need to use a teeny amount 1/4" bleach then the rest with cold water to fill bottle. The smell of bleach will fade (do on a sat and keep window open) and kitty won't be able to smell her scent any more.

Or you can try Simply Green - natural deodorizer which works well. Supermarket or Home Depot. it is concentrated and smells like pine. I did that once when kitty pooped in my guest room....long story on that one....but she never did it again. I sprayed the whole carpet with it. Didn't fade the color of my new blue rug either.

Worst case scenario....after you by the waterproof mattress cover (there are some that aren't vinyl which I found), flip your mattress.

Good Luck....Dorina :daisy:
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