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Moles? Lumps?

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I feel like a terrible owner having only just noticed this, but I have become a bit paranoid about lumps and bumps lately. My 2 year old cat has two mole sized lumps on the inside of his front legs just above the top pad. There is a couple of long white hairs growing out of the lump (that's why I thought mole?). I have never noticed them before but I don't normally touch that part of his leg (he's not keen on it).

I was worried, but have always gone by the rule ' If it's the same on both sides it's probably normal!' And the weird thing is, he has identical lumps with hairs in both front legs. Is this some cat feature that I have never heard of??? Or is there something odd? Can anyone help?

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Do you mean the carpal pad? Here's a description:

"A slightly mysterious special feature of the cat is the single carpal pad which lies behind and above the other pads on the feet, and doesn't come into contact with the ground. This pad doesn't play a part in normal locomotion, but it is thought to have a role as an anti-skidding device when a cat lands after a jump."

If this is what you mean, then you have nothing to worry about!
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If they are Carpal Pads,they are compleatly normal.All cats have them and it is nothing to worry about.
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Am I right in thinking a carpal pad is just like a normal pad but higher up? A bit like a dew claw in a dog? These lumps aren't a pad they are above them, I can't actually see the lumps just feel them. I can see the strange long hairs growing out though. It's very odd.

Should I assume this is not normal?

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A carpal pad is not really like a normal pad, it's more like a small lump and often has a couple of hairs or whisker type things growing out of it - exactly as you describe. My cats don't like theirs being touched either. I think your kitty is safe, but obviously if you are really worried check with the vet.
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What you are describing sounds exactly like what you would call the dew claw on a dog - and it is also completely normal for cats to have them. You might want to check in with your vet just in case because lumps, bumps and moles on cats are usually NOT good news. However, the description with the "white hairs growing out" is the dead give-away for me that you are referring to the carpal pads.

How long have you been owned by kitties?

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That's a relief, I can't believe I have never noticed them before. I have just moved to an area of Australia that has ticks, so rather than just letting Cosmo decide where he would like to be rubbed, I have been checking him (and the dogs) over every night. This is how I came across them.

Cosmo is due for his vaccinations in a few weeks so I'll get the vet to confirm that they are in fact Carpal Pads (even if I sound like an idiot!)

Cosmo recently had a Marcel Tumor removed so I am very paranoid about anything unusual. Thanks for all you help!

PS Cosmo has been in charge of the house for almost 2 years.
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