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My first post - for my baby girl

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Hello.. I seeked you people out because I have a problem (I think) with my youngest cat and hope that someone will tell me that they've experienced this too.

This cat is about 2 years old. We got her from a local pet supply store (at the age of a few weeks) so are unaware of her background. She appeared to be a runt, as she's still not as big as she should be. Maybe she's just petite, who knows.

Only recently, perhaps about a month ago, I saw her chomping on her hind quarters and she seemed to be on and on about it, suddenly, it seemed as if she went into a type of seizure - Then she popped out of it.... with ears lowered.. looking around as if to say "Who did that?"

The bad thing is that she LOVES heights and is forever looking for a taller area to perch on. THIS is when the chomping on her behind becomes a problem. She will go in to that seizure mode and just FALL OFF of whatever she's perched on! She does not land on her feet like most cats, but splats down on whatever is below. It's disheartening.. and downright scary!

From seeing this about a month ago, for the first time, and now seeing it at a regular basis of at least once or twice a day.... we're monitoring her. We are going to get her in for testing. At first, we thought that maybe it was just a muscle twitch.

But I'm just wondering - for my own peace of mind - Does this sound like anything that anyone here has experienced? Can anyone help?

Thank you so much, in advance.

I LOVE my cats!
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First of all, Welcome to TCS! You will find a lot of help and make friends here.

I have not had that type of experience with any of my cats, but you are right to be concerned. I know you love your kitty. Please bring her to the vet as soon as you can. I don't know if the chomping and seizures are related, but they both need to be addressed. BTW, what's her name?

My ex husbands dog has epilepsy. The seizures were only once in awhile at first, and then occured more often.

I pray your cat is ok!
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Sorry I have no experience with what you're dealing with - it sounds a bit scary though and if it were me, I'd also take my cat to the vet - just for my own peace of mind.

That being said, we're glad that you've joined us and are here!
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Welcome. I'm glad you will be getting test done. I have not experienced anything like that before. It sounds really scary. I just wanted to post to say welcome. Please keep us updated after the vet visit, I am curious as to what may be causing this.

The frequency of her doing that would be very scary for me. I hope it all can be solved quickly.
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Thanks guys! This cat's name is "Annie" and she's a little dolly with a fabulous personality. I think that we will take her to get checked out at the vet's after Christmas is over. She seems perfectly healthy in every other way... but... geesh!

Are we allowed to post pictures here? I'd post one of her for you.
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It's good you are going to a vet That's the right thing to do.

I'm no expert around here, but I seem to remember reading something about feline hyperesthesia having similar symptoms to what you describe. Other's might be able to help more. I think it's considered a type of seizure disorder, and on of the characteristics is biting the backside and tail.
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WOW... ComeresMom... That's interesting. Thank you.

I'm gonna try to post a pic of Annie.

LOL - thanks a bunch! If I break any rules... pleeeese lemme know.
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Does it sound like this? Feline Hyperesthesia
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OMG! You have me crying over here...
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Sorry, but from your description that is what it sounds like. However, there is better treatment for it than Hissy's cat received, especially if you have access to a feline specialist. Becky
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