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Please need help don't know what to do

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Hi everyone i'm new on this site. I registered coz i need some help with my little girl.

My cat is pregnant and i don't know how to handle her or what to do?

I would also like to know if is should have my other cat anywhere near the pregnant one?

Please help me any advice will be appreciated
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One of the best things you can do is hit the search button and put "cat pregnancy" in. It will bring up all the posts that have dealt with cat pregnancy on these forums.

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Just a quick question...was the pregnancy intended?

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No it wasn't intended i had her booked to go to the vets but my stupid b'friend let her out of the house and she went missing for ages and low & behold she is preggers!!
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This website is one of the best IMO-
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Thanks Hissy that was really very helpful. i have printed it all off and will study it hard, the only question it didn't answer was should i keep my other cat away from my pregnant cat when the the moment comes! My other cat is also a female and i'm scared that she might eat the kittens or something (as you can prob tell i'm very new to this giving birth thingy) or will she try to mother them. Soon they will be calling me Granny Anniebelle
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Thanks for answering my question.

Have you also checked out

I hope I don't offend with these next few questions, I don't mean any offense.

Can you provide for the kittens...however many there may be?

Do you have good homes for any of the potential kittens yet?

How pregnant is guess?

Have you had her checked out by a veterinarian to rule out an possible health risks to her or her offspring?

Enough for the moment, I'll have some more later, I don't want to overwhelm you.

Hang in there with us, and we'll help you get through this, and hopefully make this experience as pleasant as possible.

We're all here to help

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A slight side note...

Welcome to TCS

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Thank for the welcom Spotz Now to answer your questions

1. I do think i will be able to provide for the kittens in the way of food and vet checks and play things i also think i can love the little dears to death

2. I have already tee'd up three people (possibly four if there are any black kittens) I have also had an offer from the local houses that house all the mentally diabled patients i am uncertian if this is a good idea yet, but these houses alway have nurses in them so i suppose they can help the disabled people look after one.

3. My best guess on how pregnant would be four weeks her little nipples are starting to poke out and her belly is feeling bigger, plus is she eating!!!!!!!! eating me out of house and home. I dont know if this is best but i have been giving her little doses of kitten milk.

4. The vet has had a check of her and she is fit and healthy!!

Thanks for tyring to help me much appreciated

P.S. No offence taken by the Questions!!
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Sounds like you are off to a great start

I would question the benefit of Kitten Milk...however a good quality kitten food is generally a great idea.

Also, I would personally be slightly leery of placing a kitten into such a household as you mention. However when the kitten is older 6~8 months, I wouldn't be so reserved. By that I mean that kittens take a lot of attention, and require more initial medical costs than an adolescent or adult cat. When they are older, they are much more self sufficient, and easier to deal with for everyone involved.

It sounds like you have the best intentions of checking that whatever homes you plan to give the kittens to, that they can ensure that they are vaccinated...and more importantly, S/N before they have the chance to surprise anyone

Glad to hear that she is doing so well, and that there were no unpleasant surprises from the vet

Keep us posted

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Thank again Spotz i will keep you and all who helped posted oh yeah i checked out Kitten rescue more fantastic advice i have learnt so much already (but somehow i think i will learn a whole heap more by the time this is all over!!!)

Yes i am very reserved about giving kittens to the clients houses!!!

Thanks again
i am feeling a whole heap better about the whole situation now!
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You're very welcome.

I definately think you're off to a great start here

And if you think you've got a lot of information thus far...just remember that at any given moment at least half of the membership is asleep or similarly unavailable. I expect you will have much more great ideas shortly.

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I would keep her away from your other cat. She is going to be going through some mood changes, and could become aggressive toward the resident cat. If your other cat is an intact male, I would like to suggest you get him neutered as soon as possible. It is usually only intact male feral tomcats that will harm or kill kittens, and they do it to bring the mom cat back into heat (from the grief) so that they can mate again. But I wouldn't take chances.

And if your other cat is female, I would still keep them separated.
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The other cat is female and i was noticing last night that she was staying well and truly away from the pregnant one which is very unusual coz they usually sleep together and play together.

Also the pregnant one is getting very snaky about her food so now i have to feed them seprately!
post #15 of 28 the other cat spayed?? If not, please have her definately don't want to go through 2 pregnancies.

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Yes my other girl is spayed and as soon as these new kittens are weended the other will be getting spayed as well
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Be extra careful...she can go into heat shortly after giving birth, and will do her best to get pregnant again if she can.

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after she has her babies i will get the vet to come and check all of us (including me LOL!!!) and i suppose he will tell me when to get her spayed
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We take our pregnant queens away from our other females two weeks before they are due.
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1800spayusa- they offer low cost spay/neuter for cats, you sound like a very nice person, try and spay your female cats if possible and even these kittens . I don't want to sound mean, but there are too many cats in the world as it is, so just spay and find new cats at the shelter because one more is too many. cat.
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For all those people who helped or read the thread i posted 'Please help don't know what to do'

Silvia (my preggers cat) and i would like to announce that this morning at 3:00am (Australian time) she gave birth to a tiny bouncing little slimy kitten.

I keep waiting an waiting but that was all she had a 1 kitten litter so now i am a Granny at 21 LOL

Now i get to look forward to all the fun times ahead!!!1
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Congrats on the little kitty!

I'm anxiousely waiting for my cat to give birth - wanna send some of those vibes you no londer need across the ocean?

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Awwwww congratualtions
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I am moving this to Breeder's Corner and merging it with the original thread so those following can find the entire story.
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Aw congrats to her and the little one... any names?
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Those vibes are coming across for you now Wellington.

I think i'm gonna call it Cub for now pinkdaisy. When it was in Silvia's tummy i just called it taddy (as in tadpole ya know what i mean) LOL

I'm so happy i'm bouncing
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Thanks Anniebelle!
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pics??? must have kitten pics!!! Congrats and give the little one a kitty hug from all of mine here in Ks!
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