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What's your Favourite Disney Flim?

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My favouries are Lion King 1+2 and Toy Story 1+2
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The Fox and the Hound...absoutley the cutest film ever
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I don't have a special favorite. I have enjoyed many Disney films.
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are as follows:

1. Mary Poppins
2. Blank Check
3. Aristocats
4. Lady and the Tramp
5. Otis & Milo
6. Robin Hood

I'm sure there's more but thats all I can think of right now.
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My kids love all of the Disney Collection. I especially love Snow White, Lion King, and The Fox and the Hound....
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Hi Sweetheart,

My favourites are

Beauty and the Beast


The Little Mermaid

Fox and the Hound

The Lion King.

Lots of love
Mum xxxxx

:pinky: :kitty5:
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I like almost all Disney films. My favorites are Lion King 1 & 2 and The Tigger Movie.

Is Shrek a Disney movie?
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My kids love all the Disney films. Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are firm favourites. (I guess they are their specific era)

There are some non-Disney animated feature cartoons that are very good also. Anastasia, Thumbelina (songs by Barry Manilow, sweet and corny) and The Princess and the Cobbler (the art work had to have been inspired by Escher - gorgeous detail).

And in case you haven't guessed, their mum sits and watches too!
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"Beauty and the Beast" is my all-time favorite, followed (very closely) by "Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh". I also love "The Little Mermaid" and "The Black Cauldron".
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I have collected all the Disney movies from Snow white (#1) to the most recent one Hercules(#34) of the Master piece collection. I have to say though that like the Tigger movie and The Aristocats are my favorites.
Of non disney Movies I like Watership Down, Legend, and the Last Unicorn.
And to think I have no kids...Oh well, I am a kid at heart and always will be!:tounge2:
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Old Yeller...the original one...before video tapes. Any of the Merrie Melodies shorts. I miss the REAL movie theaters.
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I love all Disney movies so I cannot really say that I have a fav movie.....but I do like the following more than others:
Snow white
The Little Mermaid
Lion King
gosh the list goes on and on...I could what disney movies until my eyes are square
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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!! oh yes yes yes....closely followed by Sleeping Beauty and the oh so funny Toy Story!!.....of course Lady and the Tramp is at an equal with Beauty and the Beast....:pinky:
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I like all of them. You guys forgot to mention Cinderella, Bambi, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone. I defently love Fantasia. I like The Incredible Journey(the old and the new), Were the Red Fern Grows, The Yearling,Big Red(Story of an Irish Setter), The Black Stallion, Heidi, and Anne of Green Gables movies.
Then there's The Neverending Story, An American Tail(1 and 2), Land Before Time series, The Secret Garden, and Balto.
I really like the movies of White Fang, Free Willy, and Flipper. Did any one get to see the movie about a dog who becomes friends with a dolphin?
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Hands down I **LOVE** "Lady and the Tramp" .. although, go figure, I don't own it!!

My hubby loves "Robin Hood".

Our close 2nds include both "Toy Story"s and "The Kid"
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Ooo Oooo I forgot Fern Gully and loads of the ones Nena10 mentioned!! Anne of Green Gables, Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, and OMG!! - The Secret Garden!!!! I just LOVE that!!!! I haven't seen it for AGES!!!! (Oooo I wish I was 10 again and just sit and watch all these in the school holidays!!!)
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Hey, nobody is too old to watch child movies. I watch them even when my kids aren't around. I guess they are better then most of the movies that are filled with blood, gore, and sex. I can be a senior citizen and still watch cartoons. Even while others laugh. I don't care what people say. And I do admit, Ive bawled on most of them. I remember when I was ten and seeing E.T. the extraterrestial. I was crying for two days after that. I cried in Fox and The Hound. And on An American Tail. Nobody wants to go to the movies with me because they know I cry.
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I can't say I like one over another. I love them all!
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Toy story 2
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My favorite is Alice in Wonderland ... that's why we bought a Cheshire Cat (= Francis , but I'm not sure she likes to be called like that)

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My favorite is a new Disney movie...The Emperor's New Groove . I love David Spade, who does the voice of Emperor Kuzko(sp?) Of the older movies I like The Lion King and Aladdin. My husband and I watched Aladdin together when we were just dating, and ended up playing the song "A Whole New World" during a part of our wedding ceremony . I still get all emotional whenever my kids watch the movie and that song comes on
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I forgot to say that I and Anna have all CDs of the Disney Classics and love to sing along - big favorites are Part of That World (little Mermaid), Be Our Guest and Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)... it's a nice way to refresh spoken English too...
Ehm, I am 26 and Anna is 31...

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Fantasia!:kitty5: :kitty5:
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it's so hard to pick just one, so a couple of my favorites are

Toy Story 1 & 2
Beauty and the beast
The little Mermaid
The lion king
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Hmm, very tough to choose........Either Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. Maybe The Little Mermaid.
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Does anyone else remember a Disney film called The Yearling?? Or how about the Davy Crockett series on Tv with Fess Parker?? Remember the coonskin caps??
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I know it is not a Disney film, but have any of you seen Charlotte's Web? I've read the book and have the movie. I really like it and it has made me cry.
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HMMMMMMM....I really love most Disney movies, but the one that comes to mind first is Bambi. I still cry through Bambi. Lion King would bring in a close second, and then Hook.
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Ahhh, my gorgeous Princess Kittylove!!! Hi there sugar pie! I haven't seen you or anyone for that matter in some time now

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would have to go with The Lion King...but to be honest, there are sooooo many Disney Films that are awesome! I just love all the fantasy...he made our world so much brighter didnt' he??

I adore this pic... I hope you like it... She reminds me so much of Cinderella oooooops...another favorite!

Love & Hugs &

Hello to Mum for me!
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