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Question about Medical Insurance

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My employer's insurance company has discontinued the plan we were enrolled under, and we are currently being re-enrolled into a Health Savings Account plan with the same insurance provider. Several of us need further investigation before we are accepted into the new plan. Today, we were told we have to apply for temporary insurance for one month with this company and pay out even more money!

Here's my question:
This temporary insurance plan doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. I was hospitalized in early Oct. and diagnosed with a chronic condition. The insurance company paid for my hospitalization, but does this mean I have a pre-existing condition that wouldn't be covered by the temporary plan?????

P.S. I'm not expecting to be hospitalized again within the next 30 days but I was wondering about this...
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I wish I could help answer your question, but every plan is different. I just wanted to say, I hope everything works out. It's rotten that this should have to be on your mind at Christmastime.
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In California if you are continuously covered it is not considered a new condition but I don't know if that is true in every state. The savings plan thing is not the same as medical coverage. You set aside a certain amount of money for medical expenses and if you don't use it, you lose it. On the positive side, you can use it for cold medicine and other non-prescription stuff. But what happens if you need hospitalization? Who pays for that? Becky
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I think we will have medical coverage in addition to the Health Savings Plan, so hospitalization is taken care of, hopefully. I will have to ask about this, all this insurance stuff is so confusing.
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As far as I know, don't quote me here though, That would be considered a pre-existing condition since you were all ready diagnosed with it. That is the problem I had with my insurance company back in April when I was first being treated with Interstitial Cystitis and a bladder neck obstruction. The insurance company said that it was pre-existing because I have had trouble with UTI's for 8 years. The couldn't prove it because I had never been diagnosed with anything like that before...so they had to pay.
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I thought the pre-existing stuff was made illegal by federal law. Call your state's insurance board and find out. If it is, then they have to cover everything.
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I think (not absolutely positive) that pre-existing conditions can only be excluded from coverage if you didn't have prior health insurance - if you've had continuous coverage for the past 12 months (or is it 18?) they have to cover you.
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