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Hills Science Diet

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I feed Hills Science Diet dry food to my boys (along with some wet meat) but you guys don't seem to like it. Can you tell me why? Sooty and Smoky love it.
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Hey ScatCat,

Everyone has their preferences as to what they feed their cat. I guess it boils down to what your cats will eat. I've been feeding my cats (all 8 of them!) Science Diet since they were babies. I tried to change once to save money by buying Purina One and it ended up costing me money at the vet because my male developed a UTI. The only advice I can give you is to stay away from the cheap stuff. That is, anything that is sold in the grocery store. You'll pay dearly for it in the end. I also give my cats (as a treat only) a teaspoon of wet food in the morning and at night. That way they don't get too used to it. I free feed them the Science Diet and it's worked out well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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Well up until recently their main food has been wet food - mainly Whiskas, Felix and Arthurs because they like it. This is given with a bowl of Hills biscuits because then they get balance and they love it.

I have intentions of stopping the wet food for a couple of weeks for the one cat because I need to get a bit of weigth off him and I thought I would try it this way. He isn't happy about not getting his wet food too though....
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I think you should take him off the canned food gradually. Just give him a little bit less everytime.

By the way, I feed Science Diet and Iams (I like to switch so as not to get them hooked on one kind). I'm satisfied so far, but they are young and healthy (knock wood). I also add wet food occasionally, but as one of them gorges of canned food and gains extra weight, I try to keep it down to twice a week or so.
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You should go and read all the posts in the best food thread. It is very informative on all the ingredience and the brands.
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