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Possum Odo

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I have been dreading this day...

Possum Odo
August 20, 1992 - December 20,2004

My favorite kitty and soul mate passed on the Rainbow Bridge this morning with a little push from euthanasia.

He has been sick for the past year off and on with a blood infection of some sort. The past week has been extremely difficult as I watched him fade away. He is no longer suffering and that gives me great comfort.
But life goes on and I am really taking it remarkably well. I cannot let myself be paralyzed with grief. Possum would not like it if all I did was sit around and cry. He hated it when I would cry. He would get very upset and would be a silly little clown until I would stop it.

I would like to dedicate the same verse from "Songbird" to Possum as it tells it like it is.

"For you there'll be no more crying....
For you the sun will be shining...
And I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before..."
("Songbird" by Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac)

And to Possum,
Thank you for being my friend and soulmate for all these years.
I will miss you and never forget you. We will be together again someday. Please be looking for me. I will be looking for you. I will always love you.
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Oh Nan, {{hugs}} for you .
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Oh gosh Nan! RIP Possum!
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I'm so sorry Nan.

RIP Possum dear
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Nan - what can I say except I am so sorry. Although you knew it was coming it is still so hard to let go. You have had an emotionally trying time over these past few months. Possum is still all around you-playing the clown and watching over you.
Take care - you are in my thoughts
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I hope you have comfort at this time of sorrow.Possum would want you to be happy but sometimes its better to let it out and cry.He would want you to live youre life to the fullest,just like he did!
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So very sorry. Hugs to you Nan...
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so sorry Nan, my thoughts with you....
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Thanks eveyone for your kind words of condolences...You are all much appreciated.

I miss my little Possum terribly. There is such a void in my heart and in my home. I still have his sister Snow and she has been a great comfort to me and I hope I have been a comfort to her.
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So sorry for your loss, I know its very hard and painful, my thoughts are with you and my Heart aches for you
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