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I feel like a failure

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It was only my 3rd day of work today and I couldn't handle it. I am in excrutiating pain because of my feet. I couldn't take it anymore, I would have no life if I kept this up because after work I would be stuck at home trying to ignore the pain, hurts just to walk to the bathroom. So when our boss came in I had to talk to her, and inevitably I quit. I just can't handle this much pain. I feel horrible for not being able to handle it and for leaving them short staffed, I offered to come in a couple hours until the found someone, but no. I feel like such a failure. Once I got to the car I started crying, and once I got home I just started bawling. I guess I have to go back to searching for a sit down job or a desk job.

For all you that work at a desk job, what do you do?
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Meagan - You are NOT a failure.

Sorry to hear the job didn't work out, it sounds like a desk job would be better. I can't help you there, but good luck.
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Maybe you need to see a podiatrist about your feet. That amount of pain doesn't sound normal. Becky
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Originally Posted by zanniesmom
Maybe you need to see a podiatrist about your feet. That amount of pain doesn't sound normal. Becky
Good advice. I hope you get a desk job soon. Sorry that this one didn't work out for you.
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You are not a failure, the job was just not meant for you.

I work at a desk job with the Canadian federal government. Even if you get a desk job, make sure that you don't sit all the time or you will get back aches. Get up and stretch every so often.
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Do you have like a medical problem with your feet? Or do you think it's just because your not used to standing that long? Still yeah go along with zanniesmom's advice, because too much pain doesn't sound right. I know when I first took up work at a car repair shop I was on my feet for such long periods of time, and I had to lift heavy things allover the place. My back and feet killed, but never to the point were I couldn't walk to the bathroom. After a couple months on the job I didn't have the pains anymore.
But your not a failure, thats for sure. You had to quit due to something you can't really control. If you really liked the job, then see a doctor and make the necessary adjustments, but if your fine with a desk job to go for that.

Anyway, I hope it turns out well for you in the end,

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Well Rhonda, you are certainly not a failure, so get that out of your head right now. I worked in retail for a couple of years in my late teens, and I don't know how people stand it. Standing up all the time just kills my feet, so I know that pain your talking about. Some people it doesn't really bother, but other people can't take it. I know I can't. I have had an office job from my late 20's on, and for me, it's the only way to go. You do want to get up and stretch though every chance you get. As for what I do, I'm an administrative assistannt at a chemical company. Search for jobs as receptionists, etc. I'm sure you'll find something if you keep at it. Good Luck!
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I agree with everyone else. It just wasn't the right job for you. Please do get your feet checked out though. I think standing (cashier type job) is a lot harder on your feet and legs than walking a lot (waitress type job). Both can really make your feet hurt though.

I have a desk job and work at a computer . I'm the office manager. I don't know how your computer skills are, but have you thought of data entry? There are a lot of entry level positions for people who know something about computers.
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I don't know what your skills are, but if you can do keyboarding how about getting a job with a temp agency doing secretarial work? My daughter did that one year during her summer vacation from college and she had a great time. And look into getting an education. Don't mean to preach, but there isn't anything that you can do without training that is as interesting and pays as well as something you can do with education. Becky
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The type of experience you had with this job is something that could happen to anyone, and it doesn't mean you're a failure.
Originally Posted by zanniesmom
Maybe you need to see a podiatrist about your feet. That amount of pain doesn't sound normal. Becky
Zanniesmom's suggestion is excellent, and I totally agree.

Also, I know from personal experience that there are a couple of things that could cause you to have severe pain in your feet. One of these things is bone spurs, a friend of mine has suffered from this condition for years, and has had several surgeries. She says these bone spurs are extremely painful. I'm on my feet all day at work, so I know the type of shoe you wear if you have to do a lot of standing or walking is very important. The wrong type of shoe or a shoe that doesn't have good support can cause you to have a lot of pain.
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Like the others have said! NO you are not a failure - some people feel pain more than others! My late Mom always thought I was being such a baby when I told her she hurt me brushing my hair and when i needed extra novicane at the dentist BUT another dentist set us both right and told us some people can handle a LOT of pain while others cannot! It is just how are bodies and extremities are made!

I have worked in retail most of my life and had to buy MENS shoes as they were bigger and had more padding and still had to change shoes every coupld of hours and add extra padding, and STILL my feet hurt so much! NOW, in my 50ies I find them sort of curled under when I sleep and I have trouble walking in the morning. These things just happen so don't feel like a failure - get a desk job and excell at it! Good luck!
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Don't cry - because then I'll start crying too !

Can you have a doctor check out your legs/feet ?

I waitressed in college and I found that support tights (about $100 - you can find great ones in medical supply stores) and a pair of leather arch supports (about $15 - found in shoe repair/cobbler shops) do absolute WONDERS for the legs and feet.

I wear the support tights even though I'm not on my feet quite so much - they're great for helping to keep me warm and they help prevent varicose veins !
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When i worked at the restaurant my feet killed me because i was wearing the wrong shoes.
When i started working there again i was wearing runners and they didnt like me doing it, my legs ended upg etting very sore and my feet kept on going numb! I rather work as a receptionist but i dont think anyone will hire me
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Thank you everyone, unfortunately we have no health insurance yet so I can't get my feet checked out. I do know that I have a condition, but I don't remember what it is called, basically where the tendon stretches over the bone and has the possibility of ripping because my feet are so flat, no arches at all. I am not able to run or job because of this. I also do plan on going to school, but I have to wait a year because you are not considered a resident here until after living a year here, so if I were to go to college the price would be at least quadrupled, which I can't afford.

I will look for a receptionist or secretary job, or as a bank teller, I know the Home Shopping Network is around here as well, so I might be able to get a job there. My feet just hurt so bad, I have to drag myself upstairs, and it just hurts to walk at all. It is mainly my heels, it feels like my whole foot is bruised, and imagine walking on bruises, and then it feels like my heels are broken, like the bones, it just hurts so bad. Hopefully after a couple days my feet will be better because I have to bake still for christmas.
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Meagan You are NOT A failure! Get you a nice hot(not too hot) pan of water and soak those aching feet in there throw in some Epsom salts if you have it. You will find a job that is more suited to your needs.

My job is a desk job, I do advance data entry for a CPA. I also am a specialist in payrolls and accounts payable and receivables. I guess in a way one could say I am a glorified Flunky But my job is more suited to me because I can't stand for long periods of time with my IC. I'll faint on them in a heart beat when the pain gets to be more than I can bare. Hang in there you will find a job that is just right for you.
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Oh Meagan, I sure hope you can see a foot doctor soon, that sounds really bad.
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Oh dear! That sounds really bad
I hope you find something really soon that will work out better for you~
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I'm sorry to hear that job didn't work out for you Meagan.

About desk jobs...another desk jockey here. Here's some bits of advice for you if you want to be able to have the glamorous job of Administrative Assistant.

1. Learn the major programs. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access. The last 2 aren't necessarily as crucial, but knowing these really opens up doors. The first two are essential to have more than a basic knowledge. You need to know stuff like Mail Merge, Sorting, Formulas, etc. And the best part is that there are plenty of online tutorials for all of these programs for free if you are willing to do a little looking.

2. Get some experience. These positions have that catch-22 - you have to have experience, but you can't get a job to get the experience. There's a few ways you can go about this. One is through temp agencies. You'll have to do some crap jobs, but at least you will also be able to find what you like and what you don't. You can also volunteer your time with rescue groups and shelters. They are usually happy to have someone come in and help with the clerical work. Volunteer work is also really good for getting those professional references you'll need.

3. The more you know about computers, the better off you will be. If you apply to a call center, for instance, with proprietory software and you can tell them how fast you learn new programs with a list of what you do know it will look better. For instance again, because I already knew Photoshop I was able to market that, and now I'm not just the Receptionist that I was originally hired for, I'm the Marketing Coordinator. But as a small company, they only hire one person to fill a variety of roles so the additional knowledge came in handy.
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Rhonda, I am so sorry about your feet. Everyone has offered super advice, and yes, Blondie and Susie and everyone are so right. You are NOT a failure! What's up with this? Where is it written that you have to come out of the womb with perfect feet? Lord! The job is not a good match, it doesn't mean your brain is lacking or your skills are lacking. Quite the contrary OUCH! I so admire you for trying to shoulder the entire responsibility ---but it's not yours to shoulder. Maybe nature is telling you a little pot of gold with some success in it actually lies behind a desk for awhile. I have a desk job but I run lots of errands and walk around the office quite a bit. I take the stairs up 22 flights when I'm feeling ambitious and that cardio works wonders. I also use those little heat packs you can activate in your hands and put them in the small of my back sometimes on a tense day. Best wishes and luck to you~~
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Meagan i'd say a desk job would suit you with your problems!.

I'm a receptionist as well as type orders on the computer along with other things, oh!, and most important come onto TCS!

And you are not a failure!
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the job wasnt suited to you hun thats all. theres pleanty of other jobs out there that you'll excell at. dont sell yourself short.
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Oh hun--you're not a failure!! Sometimes our bodies can't do the work that others can do. I can't work where I want to work (working with my stepmother in the nursery (plants) business)because of my back problems. I am a receptionist and basically I answer phones and I do whatever I have to do to accomodate around 50 people in my office. It's a lot of work--but I enjoy the communication and relationships I have made with these people over the last 2 1/2 years. You do have to stay focused and stay positive. I didn't want this job in the beginning but I really needed health benefits after getting married--being on Zack's would cost too much.

I believe you can handle a desk job. Look into lawyer's in your area that my need a receptionist/secretary--also contact your local real estate offices--it's fun in this business--but a lot of hard work!!

Good luck--and keep your head held high!!
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You are so brave, Meagan, to realize and take the bold step to say that this job just isn't your preference and open yourself up to your broad scope of possibilities! Now, you have an opportunity to explore your brand new path life! I'm so sorry you are experiencing such agonizing pain and do hope you are able to visit a Podiatrist about this soon in order that you may receive treatment along with some relief.Remember, as you seek this door to your new career, you have every one of us here right there with you cheering you on!
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You most certainly are not a failure. I once got a job at a clothing outlet store at the mall. I worked around 2 hours the first day and had an allergic reaction to the dye in the clothing. My arms, face and hands broke out in hives from carrying the clothing to the racks. They sent me home and told me it was obvious I couldn't work there.

Please have your feet checked. I have worked desk jobs for several years (when I was working that is). The best I had was Admin. Asst. for Mutual of Omaha. I got the job through a temp agency and they liked me enough they let me stay until I quit in 2000 to go to school full time.
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