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ID cats please

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Please move topic if this is not the best section to post this threat.

1. Please ID the follow cats.

2. Are any of the cats below common in North America?

Cat 1:

Cat 2:
Picture removed by Imagyne due to copyright issues

Cat 3:
Picture removed by Imagyne due to copyright issues

Cat 4: (Picture Below)

Thank you in advance.

*Edit-- Sorry to have to remove them but, those 2 had owner marks on them, and I don't want to take any chance on copyright violations.*
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Cat1 Very beautiful, but the picture is a little small to tell

Cat2 A Domestic Long Haired cat. It looks like IMHO a ragdoll cross perhaps, with a Calico face. Very unusual markings!

Cat3 A Domestic Medium Haired Calico. Quite pretty also.

Cat4 Looks like a common Domestic Short Haired Cat. Its markings look to me like brown tabby with white.
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Thanks for replying. Are the calicos common in Canada? But I live in the east, Ontario.
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So the breeds for #2 and #3 are 'long hair' and 'short hair'?
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Yes, the breed descriptions for these cats would be Domestic short/medium/long Haired (fill in the appropriate lenth of hair). This is what is used for cats that are not a registered purebred. Calico is a term used to describe the colour pattern of black,orange, and white. Calicos are pretty common all across North America.
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Just had to add that cat four is a classic tabby.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Just had to add that cat four is a classic tabby.
Sam, I was just tellin my hubby that you knew your cat colors!

I had a cat that looked similar to the classic tabby. She had fat toes though.

Those ARE beautiful cats though, just wanted to tell ya that.
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Oh Tia, that's cool! Growing up with two international all breed cat judges has given me some experience.
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