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Quality of Food

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I started my baby off with somebaby food (Royal Canin 34, this stuff!) that cost me about $10.49. We ran out of this food and because I won't be able to get the brand I started her of with, (not until next week, I know poor planning on my part... )I had to by her some Kitten Pride that was on sale at the grocery store for $2.79.
She's disgusted with me at this present time and refuses to eat by pushing her tray all over the room!
Please can some one tell me that kittens can't tell the difference between quality in the food that they eat? Is there such a thing as that? Or does my little one have to slowly get use to the different brand of food?

Starting to feel desparate and whipped!
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I don't know if they can tell the difference between good and poor quality but they can be pretty demanding about flavor. There must have been something in her former food she liked that it isn't in this one. Or something she finds in this one that she doesn't like. Not neccessarly flavor, it can be an ingredient, consistency, texture, etc.
Sort of why some commercial shakes taste like if there were made with talcum but fresh fruit ones don't
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If I knew what I know now!

That's good comparison with the shake! Now, I did mix a bit of the previous food with the new one and I've started to hand feed her the new one also yet I think the poor baby is getting hungry enough not to care anymore!

Thank you zinc!
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