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blue vs lilac

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I have just learned the meaning of points in Siamese (finally ); seal means dark brown whereas blue means gray.

I still don't know the difference between blue point & lilac point though ?? Does lilac mean lighter blue ?
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Mavish is becoming more like a Siamesse as he gets older I still can't decide whether he is blue or lilac, but that's OK

The only thing I know about Siamesses's personalities is that they talk a lot Mavish is almost 4 months old, & he makes sounds w/o opening his mouth. He rarely meows, but makes a sound like a mmm; he even sometimes sounds like a frog He is definitely not a lap cat, doesn't like to be held for longer periods, & quite active. He eats EVERYTHING !

How are Siamesses's characters ??
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Siamese cats really do have a different way of life!!

Blue point
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This is a lilac
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Thanks Sandy. I think Mavish looks more like a lilac; not as "oriental" or "wedy" looking as that cat in the picture though !

When do they express their coat colors completely ??
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Generally you can tell what color a point will be by the time they are 3 to 4 months old. With siamese, they gradually darken over time. By the time they are 2, they are at thier best. There are a few colors that take longer to develope such as the red point. Usually the best way to confirm a color is to check the paw pads. In your case with the blue vs lilac, A blue, the paws pads should be a dark blue. Lilac they should be a very light pinkish/blue color.
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I checked his paws; they are pink+blue. So he is a lilac.

Thanks again Sandie
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I have a 20 week old British Shorthair who is a lilac point. When I bought him, the breeder told me he was a blue point. Well, I had my doubts for a little while because his colouring is lighter than blue, much more resembling lilac. When they are kittens, much like the Siamese, it can be hard to tell whether they are light blue and will darken when they age, or they are lilac. So I told the breeder, luckily I caught her before she sent off the paperwork to the GCCF to transfer ownership, and so she changed it to lilac.
After reading the difference between lilac and blue, my cat is definitely a lilac point. Blue is a bluish grey, while lilac is a pinkish grey and is lighter than blue.
I think the lilac is a really pretty color, but the blue is really nice too.
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