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OMG yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear a happy ending to this thread. Enjoy spending time with your baby. I am so relieved you were able to find her.
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YES...I am so happy you found her she must have been so cold last night but now she is back and warm and full tummy and hopefully didn't catch a cold....ummm..can kitties catch a cold?
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I just knew she was OK!
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Tia!!!! I have goosebumps all over right now! I am soooo happy for you and her! Yay! Oh, I am so glad this is over for you both! Now she's warm and safe. I am so happy and relieved Way to hang in there and follow your instinct, Tia!
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What a relief! I am so happy for both of you. Happy homecoming!!! Becky
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OH Tia!! I'm SO happy for you!!! Thank God! Give her lots of scritches from me!!!
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Merry Christmas to you Tia!! Santa came a little early to deliver the most precious gift - Myth being safe and HOME!
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Oh, Tia!!! What a relief!! I'm so pleased your girl turned up, and is fine.

Please give the wanderer a hug and a scritch from us.
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Myth is home!!!
Oh, Tia, you must be so thrilled! Hurray!
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YES MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thrilled to hear this. I had such an awful day, nothing went right and I was four hrs late getting home, but this is the BEST thing. OH happy, merry Christmas to Tia! I am dancin'! Sasha is dancin'. Now, do NOT let her out for awhile and try to understand the story she will tell you. She will tell it, she will show it in some way. Sasha sat in my makeup tray for 5 nights in a row trying to tell me what had I would know the symbolism of my square tray was the square raised pumpkin patch. Myth will tell you her story. Something traumatized and spooked her in that storm. Something harmless, I can really see that, but to her it was huge. Hug all of them, Tia. Mama Tia can rejoice! She loves you so much~~~ :hea rt2: :he art2: :l ovegrin2
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YAY!!!! I know I know a kitty that is going to be getting some extra treats and cuddles tonight!!! Welcome home!!!
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I'm so happy for you, I'm glad she's back home.
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THankyou all for the happy posts. Myth is sitting by me right now (Just got off work). She looks lazy. She isn't an outdoor cat. She isn't even an indoor/outdoor cat. She is an inside only girl. She gets so scared when ever she is outside that she never comes out.

How relieved I am indeed. Now that I look back I feel kinda dumb. I wonder if she just decided she wanted in today, or what. To see her crouched in the corner under the house. I looked at her, and didn't see her, until she twitched an ear. There was my girl. Looking at me

I appreciate your thoughs, prayers, vibes, and encouragement. I think without some of you who kept me thinking positive, I would have given up.
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YAY!! I'm so glad she's home... this thread has been making me nervous the last few days since you haven't heard anything, I can't believe I didn't check in on you sooner!

I'm so happy she's back!
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I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to hear this FABULOUS news!

YAAAAYYYYY! Myth is back home with her Mommy!
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yeah! she's back
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Originally Posted by MyRage
I appreciate your thoughs, prayers, vibes, and encouragement. I think without some of you who kept me thinking positive, I would have given up.

No you wouldn't have, Tia. We know you. Never a chance of that.
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Yay!!! I'm so happy for you Tia. I logged on first thing this morning to check how you were doing and saw that MYTH IS HOME!!! . My goodness, I was so happy I wanted to come over there and cuddle her myself. Keep her close and warm and give her plenty of cuddles from me!!!!

A very very merrryyy Christmas.


P.S. I'm overjoyed, so I had to tell you again YAY!!!!!!
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Oh Tia.. I could not be happier for you How Wonderful

Thank goodness Myth is home with you.. It really is the season of miracles

So much love to you...
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I am so glad she is back! I kept checking for good news. Give her a little scritch from me.
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So wonderful, the best CHristmas present you could have
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Yaaaay tia!!!!!!!!!! ...I am so happy for you!!!!..your birthday wish came just make sure to never let that sneak out of your
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THankyou everyone, all the happy messeges make my day!! I am very glad she is home. It's been hard for me NOT to be all in her face and annoying her.

She was in my face though, I'd forgotten what a demanding girl she was. She kept coming in here and meowing at me. LOL I so missed hearing her talk to me. I had to go change her water dish twice last night... She likes it a certain temprature... Picky picky that is my Myth though.
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I'm glad she's home for christmas
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Originally Posted by MyRage

I appreciate your thoughs, prayers, vibes, and encouragement. I think without some of you who kept me thinking positive, I would have given up.
You didn't and wouldn't have. I was away from a computer for days, but still keeping Myth in my prayers. I am so happy that she's home!!!
Thank GOD!!!
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Tia, glad Myth is back. It's pure he** when our furbabies go missing!
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Tia, I wanted to check in with you abut a week after your baby has adjusted to being back. What is she like now? Any traumas or weird behavior? I am always interested in things like this and I want to know -- if you have time for a quick update?
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