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What is your favorite show on television?

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I know this does not have anything to do with cats, but I was just curious about what people here like to watch on television.

I like almost anything on the Animal Planet channel, especially things with cats.
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I want ANIMAL PLANET!! Our Lifestyle channel here has some shows on pets, which we ALL love here.

I generally like to watch scifi/fantasy type shows. The unreal-er the better. Star Trek, Buffy, X-files, Charmed, Lexx (is that weird or what? That's new here) Babylon 5, Xena..... you get the idea.
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I love Animal Planet but one show I just lurve is Will & Grace - it soooo makes me laugh
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Well, we watch Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, and Discovery Channel alot. As far as shows go, I like The Weakest Link, Spin City, ER. My husband is hooked on Speedvision or any other channel that has CAR STUFF!!
And my kids love the Disney Channel and PBS Kids.
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At home I get about 73 channels but most of the time :owl:
I can never find anything good to watch. I usually watch :chicken:
Animal Planet, I really like The Planet's
Funniest Animals.
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Me to. I love animal planet.
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Sci-fi and comedy are my favorites - also got hooked on Millionaire show with Regis. The old classics on TV land late night or on Saturday morning before anyone else is up -
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Hi Kittyluvr,

Living in England I,ve not heard of animal planet, but I love Animal Hospital with Rolf Harris, Pet Rescue and Survival.

I like watching soaps,Coronation Street,Eastenders, Brookside and Australia's Home and Away.Oh and not forgetting The Simpsons

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I forgot to add that my favorite show on Animal Planet is Amazing Animal Videos. Also sometimes I watch The Crocodile Hunter.
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I like to watch Animal Ark, Animal Hospital and Pet Rescue.
Also I watch Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders, not forgetting Brookside.

Love From Jenna and Felix

P.S The Simpsons and Rugrats too
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I watch "Who's Line is it Anyway" religiously (our favorite)

Also, "Buffy", "Charmed", "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "South Park" and "Mysterious Ways".

Old shows like "All in the Family", and "I "Love Lucy", "Facts of Life", "Star Trek" (The original with William Shatner), and "Twighlight Zone"

I also like "Animal Planet" (although I can't watch those animal operations up close, blech..:LOL: ), sometimes classical or opera productions. Also the News.

I used to Love "Xena"...but it is gone now...sniff sniff.
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I love animal planet. Brad doesn't like it to much unless it has something about the sea, fish, or cats. I just love it overall! My favorite show right now is Friends, then it's Will and Grace. But my Animal planet favs are anything aobut cats(of course!:tounge2: .) the croc hunter, Jeff Corwin, and Emergency Vets.
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Right then here we go:

Emergency Vets (Animal Planet of course!!)
The Simpsons
South Park
All UK Style programmes such as "Changing Rooms" and "House Doctor" - I just love that channel!!

And of course all films that have alot of soppy romance in them mmmmmmm
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I like to watch Animal Planet, Wild Discovery, Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, PBS. I like to watch National News, Spanish stations. I love the Price IS Rigth, Who Wants to be A Millionaire, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Shop Til You Drop, and Supermarket Sweep. I am also a fan of Touched By an Angel.(I shed many tears on Touched By an Angel.) I like Nickelodeon when they show old comedies such as Gilligans Island, Brady Bunch, I love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Silver Spoons, different Strokes, and Who's The Boss. I like Jay Leno on Monday nights when they do Headlines.
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I love Animal Precint alot and how they kick animal abusers' butts.
Has anyone seen that new show where animals help capture criminals? Its been a while since I seen anything. I've been at school or work.
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My two favorites are "The Dick VanDyke Show" oldy and "Golden Girls" I don't get to watch too much tv because I work at night. Oh yeah, the other one is "L.A. Law" that is on at 9 a.m. every weekday.
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I am hooked on Law & Order They just came out with a new version, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Watched the first show last night...Awesome
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I watch Southpark, Battlebots, and Farscape religiously! I love the old Frankie and Annette beach movies, too. Oh, yeah, there's the NASCAR races on Sunday!
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There is only two day time talk shows that I like. Montel Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Do any of you like them? I think they are the most sensitive and have good topics. They try to help people rather then insult them unlike Ricky Lake, Jerry Springer, etc.
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West Wing is my favorite followed by Whose Line is it Anyway? When I get the chance I will watch Emergency Vets (I have a crush on Dr. Fitzgerald!) and Planet's Funniest Animals. I try to catch ER, though I was very disappointed with its season opener.
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I'm with Boo and Vjoy on this: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! What other television program features a librarian as one of its heroes? Okay, so he's not a librarian anymore; but he does own a book store. Well, it's a kind of book store.

"BtVS" has extremely witty scripts, interesting "round" characters and employs excellent actors. And, lest one think "BtVS" is not cerebral, check out Buffyology: The Academic Study of Buffy and Slayage: The Online International Journal for Buffy Studies.

Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)

Season premiere (two hours): Tuesday, 2 October 2001, at 8:00 p.m. on the Universal Paramount Network.


Below: Dawn Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg)
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#1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#2 Anything on Home and Garden Television
#3 TechTV
#4 Anything on TLC
#5 Anything on The Discovery Channel
#6 " " A & E

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By the Way........

If anyone happenned to tape the series premrier, could I have a copy?? I was on the way back from Florida when it aired..

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I've a copy. I've sent you a private message in that regard.

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It's unanimous...Animal Planet! We even watch it at the bar at work, and the men don't even complain...well, not much! :LOL:

I also like...
That 70's Show
Malcom in the Middle
The Family Guy

and a lot of the Realuty TV stuff like...
Real World
Love Cruise

Maybe I need a life?
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Oh! I forgot Malcom in the Middle. Does anyone else think the George W. Bush looks just like Dewey?
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Lotsocats.....boy are you right on with that one! Why didn't I see that erlier myself?
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I have so many things I love to watch.

King of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond
My Wife and Kids
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One of my favorite shows that I forgot about is Survivor. Does anyone know when it will be on again? I think I read something about the next one on the internet.
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it starts this thursday.
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