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On Line Hunting

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This site allows on to sit in front of your computer and shot and real targets which is located at an animal ranch in Texas. When you click your mouse the gun is fired and if you hit the animal, hunting assistants will send the mounted head to the hunter.

What is your opinion of this?

According to the site's FAQ
Is this like playing a video game?
No, this is real. What you see on your screen thru the camera is what is there. When you activate the fire control, you are sending a signal to the firing mechanism which discharges a round. You control the camera and firearm.
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What's to stop the shooter from shooting the assistants? Not a smart idea in my book. I'm against this if it's as real as they claim.
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Well according to their site they have a safety over-ride and that they have people looking at the same thing as you do and can prevent a shot.

Not too sure how real it is. I read about it in Fortune magazine and they say that the site should be operative in mid 2005.
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That's not hunting. That's as much hunting as those aweful canned hunts. At least how I was taught, the biggest part of hunting is getting out and communing with nature. A successful hunt does not necessarily have to include killing something - it can be successful without that part. So what's the point of sitting at your computer and killing something?
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Yeah, I thought people hunt for the challenge, and the fact that they get to go out in the woods and stuff. Seems like a waste when you could just load up some computer game, and shoot stuff without having to kill anything.
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eep i voted sorta fast, i didn't realize you were really killing stuff..... but hey I guess I don't see anything horribly wrong with it except it being kindof a lazy way to hunt..
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To me it is not hunting if you can't be there in person to see and hear and smell what you are doing. I personally don't hunt, and would never hunt, but my grandfather was a hunter and to me this seems like cheating.
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I just don't agree with the ordinary everyday person being able to control a shotgun remotely, I think people are getting too carried away with the use of the internet.
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That's one way to make money, I guess. Since it's not about animal population control or "communing with nature", I find it horrid.
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I don't agree with any hunting (unless you're a tribesperson in Africa who NEEDS to hunt to live or something along those lines), so I *really* don't agree with this.
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I read an article about this a few weeks ago. In the article, they said handicapped people who can no longer be outside to hunt, could still hunt. That was one reason for having the service.

Personally, I don't know anyone who would use the service.
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That's one of the biggest crock 'o fill in the blanks I have ever seen!
True or not.
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Don't you have to have a license to hunt? How is this reconciled?
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Originally Posted by Aquarius
Don't you have to have a license to hunt? How is this reconciled?
I would imagine that is part of the fee you pay at the outset. Many guide companies (where you go in real life) take care of that for their clients, so I would imagine it would be no different for this. More than likely there is nothing in the laws that actually says you have to be physically present to fill the tag because they probably never imagined anything like this when they were writing the hunting laws. Just that the person who hold the tag has to be the one to kill the animal, and if the firearm is truly controlled by the person on the computer then they do fill that requirement.
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I see nothing wrong with it - JMO
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This is a really sick version of hunting. This is as bad as the roadside hunter that leave bait out by the side of the roads and then cruise the back roads in their truck and shoot the animals that come out to eat the bait!

Hunting when done legitamately sometimes doesn't even involve killing animals. I know my friends who hunt with bow and arrow and no ATV's but just horses and men can go on trips and not even find anything to shoot at. This way, it's like killing monkeys in a barrel!
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There's an article about this site in our German daily. Apparently, Texas is considering passing a law that prohibits hunting any animal one actually isn't "eye to eye" with, in an attempt to stop this type of "hunting".
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I've never understood the point of hunting if you weren't going to eat the animal you kill. And yes I know people that hunt here in the US and use it as a major food source. It's a lot cheaper to buy a deer tag than it is to pay the prices we have to pay for meat.

But this just seems so wrong...I have a real problem with trophy hunting in any case but this rubs me the wrong way all the way around.
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no, i voted totally against, i think that is so wrong
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This is insane! Sites in the internet are getting weirder and weirder!
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Totally, 100% against hunting for sport. If it's for food then i think it's ok but just so you can have an animal's head stuffed and mounted on a wall, i don't think so! Sick and totally unnecessary. There are plenty of other things to do in this world without having to kill animals for fun.

As for the internet game, just takes this disgusting sport to an even lower level.
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it just de-sensitises people to violence. the animals dying will be no different to the 'hunter' than playing any other online game. its sick and unessicary and i'm not entirley sure its not a spoof.
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Doesn't seem to be very sporting to me, and I don't understand why they can't just play a video game from their computers.
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I am not a hunter and don't really understand how it is "enjoyed" as a sport. However, if you do hunt, then I think you should have to deal with the blood and guts and DEATH of the animal you are killing. This is just making the process of killing more detached than it already is. I think it's horrible.
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Virginia: Legislation To Prevent Remote-Controlled/Internet Hunting Passed Both Houses of the General Assembly
Bill Number(s) SB 1083 and HB 2273
Primary Sponsor(s) Senator Patricia Ticer and Delegate Glenn Oder
ASPCA Position Support
Action Needed Please contact your Senator and Delegate and thank them for their support
of SB 1083/HB 2273!

Great news for Virginia wildlife! Legislation which prohibits the new and disturbing business enterprise which provides remote-controlled hunting via the Internet has passed both houses of the General Assembly by unanimous votes! Remote-controlled or internet hunting allows clients to log onto the Internet, connect to camera-equipped rifles, and then sight, aim and fire at animals, all via computer.

SB 1083/HB 2273 will prohibit the deplorable practice of remote-controlled or internet hunting in Virginia, and prescribes that persons who violate this prohibition will be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor and will have their current hunting license revoked and will be denied the issuance of a hunting license for not less than 3 years and no more than 5 years.
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